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Welcome to Catholic Sistas’ newest series, featuring some of our friends in the Catholic blogging world entitled Fabulously Featured which will run on Wednesdays. I have always wanted to introduce you to some new blogs to follow and support, but seriously lacked the time to put this together before now. In a Facebook group of fellow Catholic women bloggers, I asked ladies to answer some questions for this series, and they were all too excited to participate! I give you their answers in their own words. 🙂



Erica Saint is today’s second feature from Saint Affairs. There you will find all kinds of topics written, from the Faith to infertility. Her most recent post dives into a topic that plagues a good percentage of cradle Catholics raised through the 70s and 80s…without spoiling it, you’ll see the deep running effect of the lack of catechesis held over those of us raised in nominally Catholic homes. Erica gives a raw and honest snapshot into her life growing up and how she overcame one of the biggest life issue stumbling blocks. Be sure to stop by Saint Affairs and give Erica some blog love. 🙂

Erica Saint

Erica Saint




I write mainly about faith, home education, books, and crafts. Occasionally, I write about infertility, diet and exercise, and products that we love.


I blog to remember our days, to update family and friends, to create community, and encourage others.


My favorite thing about blogging is the ability that it gives me to connect with other women.


I enjoyed writing God’s View of Love {Teaching Our Children About Their Bodies and Sexuality} because we want our children to understand love and marriage and God’s plan for their sexuality and life. A favorite but hard post to write was Searching For My Father and Finding Peace. As a child, I longed for a relationship with my biological father, but eventually I learned that my relationship with my heavenly Father is enough for me.


Balance has been hard for me. There have been periods of time when I have not kept the blog up to date because life was busy, or my health was poor. I think I have finally reached a point when my writing and my other duties as wife and mom are balanced. Ultimately, my first priorities are to my family and blogging is a hobby. But I enjoy writing, so I make the time where I can to write and update the blog.


I write for myself because I find it to be therapeutic, but I also hope that what I write is encouraging or helpful to other women, so I guess my audience is other Catholic mothers.




Creating a beautiful life centered around our Catholic faith, good books, and developing our God given talents.


If you want to start a blog, but you are not sure if you should, I say do it! Remember that it represents you and your family, so make it the best that it can be. And approach each post as you should all areas of your life, with prayer!



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