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Welcome to Catholic Sistas’ newest series, featuring some of our friends in the Catholic blogging world entitled Fabulously Featured which will run on Wednesdays. I have always wanted to introduce you to some new blogs to follow and support, but seriously lacked the time to put this together before now. In a Facebook group of fellow Catholic women bloggers, I asked ladies to answer some questions for this series, and they were all too excited to participate! I give you their answers in their own words. 🙂



Ruth Anne Holloway, blogger at Holloway Family North, covers a lot of territory with her writing and photography. A gal after my own heart, she infuses her posts with pictures of what’s going on in the life of the Holloway Family. Ruth Anne is a bit of a domestic diva with all the delves into, from homeschooling, crocheting, photography, to DIY projects, book reading, and coffee drinking. Is there anything she can’t or won’t do? 🙂 I invite you take a look around and then head over to Holloway Family North and follow her blog!

Ruth Anne Holloway

Ruth Anne Holloway


I began writing at this blog Holloway Family North in August 2013.


Mostly family/motherhood, life in general (recipes,book reviews, frugal living), lots of photography thrown in. In the past (and I am planning on starting again) I’ve written about our journey to the Catholic church and how we live our Catholic Faith.


I initially began blogging as a way for the extended family to keep up with what was happening in our life and with the kids.  After a time it became a convenient place to work out thoughts on being Catholic and to again, let the extended non-Catholic family know what was happening in our lives.


My favorite aspect of the blog is the outlet it gives me to be able to share: our lives (be that photos of the kids, how we live, recipes), faith… I’ve also really enjoyed being able to connect to other bloggers.


Dear Mama of a Toddler was a post I wrote last summer, mostly to try to find some comic relief from my then-2year old’s non-stop mischief. But I’ve come back to that post since, especially when one of the kids does something really frustrating, and it’s a good reminder to find the good/funny/positive in a situation and *try* not to become too upset. The other one I really felt strongly about was my post on Making Sense of Hurts: Peace. I wrote this post near the end of our struggle to conceive baby #4, this really isn’t a post about infertility,but more about how I was able to find peace (at least for that moment) during a time that was a pretty big burden.


Balancing blogging and family/home/spiritual life has been a bit imbalanced in recent months as we added baby #4 to our family and I’ve only just recently been getting back on the blogging band wagon. I think like anything you do that’s “extra”, be it a hobby, reading, running a side business or blogging, you have to really want it, and your heart really has to be in it. And if it is, then you’ll be able to find the time to blog, because it will be *that* important to you. And sometimes, if you have to take a step back, that’s ok, because the people that matter will still be there when you get back.


Primarily, I hope to reach my extended family. A lot of time I do write for myself. But I also know that if I share something that can reach and be a blessing to just one person, that’s who I want to write to.
 sideways smalldesat


My current tagline is “the everyday adventures of a New England Catholic Family”. I decided on that because I want to highlight that first and foremost this is a family blog, where I highlight the everyday, be that adventures taking a walk, a book review, or just daily how-we-do-thing’s of life, but I also wanted to be clear that we are a Catholic family and that our daily life will reflect that in some aspect, even if it’s not expressly written in a particul post.


Go for it! If you have things to say, the blog is a perfect place to say them (being respectful of other people of course)I’d second that with don’t worry about what people think of the blog, it’s content or it’s lay out, this is your space and feel free to make it how you want.


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