Welcome to Catholic Sistas’ newest series, featuring some of our friends in the Catholic blogging world entitled Fabulously Featured which will run on Wednesdays. I have always wanted to introduce you to some new blogs to follow and support, but seriously lacked the time to put this together before now. In a Facebook group of fellow Catholic women bloggers, I asked ladies to answer some questions for this series, and they were all too excited to participate! I give you their answers in their own words.:)

heart's overflow

Come and join us as we meet Anna, author of The Heart’s Overflow. She is a mama, a wife, a gardener, a knitter (well, ok, sometimes a knitter), and a Catholic. She shares her family, her faith, and her heart with us.

Anna 1


Anna Coyne


The Hearts Overflow




Reflections on motherhood- the good and the bad. This is where I share my heart.


When I first became a mom I felt frustrated by how little I was able to get done each day. Sure, I was keeping a baby alive, no small task. But apart from that I had little to show for the day. I started blogging to have something TO DO, something to contribute to the world around me.


I love that my blog is a living, working scrapbook of my family’s life. Out of town friends and relatives can see what we’re up to and feel connected.  In years to come I can look back with nostalgia at the beginnings of our family.  I also love sharing my heart, if others can relate, that sense of community is awesome.


Getting to share my son’s birth story was really important to me. It was such a life altering event I felt that unless someone had read it, they wouldn’t really know who I was.

I also shared my conversion story on my blog.  That was another import life event to share. I wanted my friends and family to know why I became Catholic. I also wanted other Catholics to see the Church through the eyes of a convert.


Blogging is my “me time”. I do it when my baby is alseep, or when my husband is home and can keep the babe out of my hair. I feel very refreshed and like I have accomplished something when I publish a post, so I try to do it twice a week. But if I can’t get that done, I don’t get down on myself.  I blog first for myself, so there is no pressure.


I’m primarily writing to other mom’s, but I love it if people who are not moms read.  I love giving new perspective to people.

hearts overflow


The tag line on my blog is “A Collection of Thoughts on Marriage, Motherhood, Faith, and Life”. That basically covers all the bases of what I might write about!



If you’re thinking about starting a blog, I say go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose!



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