Eucharist: A Journey of Transformation, Healing, and Discipleship

Eucharist A Journey of Transformation, Healing, and DiscipleshipShortly before the holidays, we were contacted by Dr. Mary Amore from Mayslake Ministries. She had a DVD she thought we might like to review. Upon finding out the DVD was on the Eucharist, I jumped at the chance to review it. Before I knew it, the video arrived at my house. Eager to view it, I set it on my dresser so that I could watch it later that day. But, as many days go, time got away from me, motherhood called, and I wasn’t able to watch the video. With the holidays closing in on me, I put the video aside for a time when I could devote my full attention to its contents. I’m so glad I did!

Eucharist: A Journey of Transformation, Healing, and Discipleship claims to “forever change your experience of the Eucharist”. I dare say they are right! With beautiful imagery, intimate conversation, and history lessons that are easy to understand, Dr. Amore brings the importance and beauty of the Eucharist to the forefront and she challenges us to allow the Eucharist to forever change not only our lives, but also the very essence of who we are.

Divided up into three 20 minute segments, the videos are the perfect length for those of us who are so busy that we struggle to set aside extra time and yet we wish to continue learning about our faith. Because the videos are only 20 minutes in length, you can watch and re-watch to absorb all the details Dr. Amore presents. Using the questions presented for each of the segments, journaling is sure to enhance the spiritual gains you will receive by watching the videos. Of course, this is not a necessity, simply an added benefit. If you are using the videos within a group setting, the short length provides ample time for discussion afterward.

The DVD includes thought provoking questions for each segment of the video. Additionally, there is a printable user guide that encourages and helps small group leaders facilitate discussions and lead guided mediations and prayer rituals. I found this to be a tremendous asset as I contemplate forming a small group to view the videos, discuss our thoughts, and watch our lives be transformed by the power of the Holy Eucharist.

As we approach Lent we often look for ways to transform our lives. Many of us take this time to sacrifice, to contemplate, and to dive deeper into our prayer lives. If you are looking for a way to understand Christ’s gift of the Eucharist, instituted at the Last Supper, I highly recommend this video. It is the perfect way to come to understand how the Eucharist is the source and summit of our beautiful Catholic faith.

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