Catholic Sistas Now on Podcast!

If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to read great posts – you’re barely getting through your daily to-do list as it is! Well, we’ve come up with a new option for those of you who love podcasts – using a special program, our daily posts are converted from text to audio and put into podcast form through iTunes. You can now listen to us on your way to work, on your computer, while you go running, etc.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Click HERE  to go to the iTunes store OR
  • visit the purple icon like the one above on our home page to get to iTunes
  • from there, you can click on individual posts to listen or if you’d like to subscribe, keep on to the next step
  • click on the “view in iTunes” button which is just below the icon – this will pull up iTunes
  • click on subscribe
  • if you are only going to listen on your computer, this is all
  • if you want to use your smartphone or other device, you will need to install the Podcasts app found in the App Store.
  • click HERE to get the Podcasts app and follow the instructions to subscribe to the podcast there


::our non-iTunes friends may have to wait a bit until a viable option presents itself::

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