Catholic Child winners are…

Well, before we get to the fun stuff, let me just drag you through the selection process this time. No, you say? Oh, ok. Scroll down if you must. For everyone else, here’s how I came up with the winners since this was a different selection process.

1. Print up all the entries and divide them into the appropriate categories. Label so it’s easy to identify winner with their identifying information. Cut and fold entries.

2. Locate a willing teenager to assist you. In my case, I bribed her with picking the winner. Done.

3. Use cutesy box you use for nothing else and have teenager toss the folded entries into cutesy box. Don’t show her face for fear of teenage rebellion.

4. Have teenager shake box. Promise not to show her face or fear wrath of teenage girl. ‘Nuff said.

5. Ask teenager to pick out a winner and sneakily grab a snap of her face. Mwahahaha!

6. And the winner of the Nativity Set is…

7. Dump out Nativity Set entries, and repeat steps 3-6 with entries for the St. Thérèse bundled set of pillow case and plush doll. And the winner is…


I will be e-mailing both of you using the e-mail you used to comment to put you in touch with the good folks at Catholic Child.

Thank you to everyone for participating!

Winner of the Playmobil Nativity Set

Winner of the St. Thérèse bundled gift set

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