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Mothers with Muscle Memory

We’ve made it to mid-Lent. How is it going for you? As always, it starts with a gusto and, at least for me, becomes so much moreRead more »

Simon of Cyrene Revisited

Dear Friends, I originally wrote this piece on November 5, 2012. I thought this would be a good time to rerun it. If you ar familiar withRead more »

The Last Days of Jesus: His Life and Times

When I was first contacted about reviewing the book The Last Days of Jesus: His Life and Times, I jumped at the chance.  I was surprisedRead more »

A Day for Feasting

Since I am almost entirely Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is every day. His medals are worn by two of our children, his prayer is a common choiceRead more »

Death by Crucifixion and Christ

I came across the following anatomical and physiological details of death by Dr. C. Truman Davis that breaks down death by crucifixion andRead more »

Combat Liturgy

The tradition of the Church, and of the Goorchenko family, is to celebrate the great feasts of the Nativity and Pascha with a late nightRead more »

Your {Second} Handy-Dandy List to Lenten Sacrifices

In February of 2013 I put together the original “Handy-dandy” list for Catholic Sistas: Your Handy-Dandy List to LentenRead more »

2015 Lenten Instagram Photo-a-Day Journey

LENT IS ALMOST HERE! Can you believe it! Are you scrambling to figure out what you’re going to give up and take on for your spiritualRead more »

Eucharist: A Journey of Transformation, Healing, and Discipleship

Shortly before the holidays, we were contacted by Dr. Mary Amore from Mayslake Ministries. She had a DVD she thought we might like toRead more »

The Joy of the Crucifix

We turned off the windy country road onto a gravel drive. As we started up the hill I looked around at my surroundings. I would be spendingRead more »

I give up!

This Lent has been a particularly fruitful time for me. I cannot remember another one in recent memory when I have remained so focused onRead more »

5 Reasons to Buy This Lenten Journal

Last year, we put together a comprehensive list of Lenten resources in our Handy Dandy List to Lenten Sacrifices. As Lent approached thisRead more »

Uniting Our Lenten Sacrifices with Christ Crucified

This Lent I find myself contemplating the nature of sacrifice more than I ever have before. While I have often given something up for Lent,Read more »

Finding Our Way in the Fog

As the winter drags on (even along with the signs that point out 13 days until spring!), we find ourselves in the midst of yet anotherRead more »

Lent ~ The Last Great Race

These early March days find us, along with many Alaskans, daily checking standings for the mushers running the 1100-mile Iditarod Sled DogRead more »

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