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Unbound Sponsorship–A Love that Crosses Oceans

Shaliesh in 2004, as a child in India. It was shortly before Christmas 2003 that I heard of the Christian Foundation for Children andRead more »

Three Deaths, Many Lessons

I’m sure that non-Catholics find it more than a little odd that we believe there can be merit to suffering.  The history of theRead more »

Dispelling the Myths about Emergency Contraceptives and IUDs

I recall five years ago when I was working at a Catholic hospital as an RN, contraception was not covered by our insurance. Yet, none ofRead more »

History lesson

History was my first love as a child. As far back as I could remember my father would bring home The National Geographic and even before IRead more »

THE virtue for women.

Last week I came upon a news article which caused my jaw to drop and overwhelmed me with the desire to purge the accompanying image from myRead more »

Shame…what happened to it?

SHAME Definitions: 1.) a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety b : the susceptibility to suchRead more »

What I learned about marriage.

I don’t profess to be an expert on what makes a marriage work. I haven’t been married terribly long; I don’t have a PhD in maritalRead more »

Kindly address me as ‘Your Royal Highness.’

When I had my first child I couldn’t wait to hear him say that one treasured word every mother anticipates with great joy. Over the monthsRead more »

All Soul’s Day

Some people love Christmas best, others find great happiness in Easter, but my favorite Religous Day is All Souls Day and my favorite timeRead more »


When I was 19 I made the mistake of seeking love from a man I dated in the wrong way and I started down a path of impurity that lasted, onRead more »


I admit readily that I am and always have been a wannabe. I became aware of this fact about fiveRead more »

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