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Do You Need Jesus?

Do You Need Jesus?

Growing up, my parents did a really great job teaching my brother and I the difference between a need and a want. I remember going to them for different things saying, “I need that new bike,” or even, “I need to go to my friend’s house.” My mom had a way of looking at us and we knew the question was coming, “Do you need that or just want that?” We’d stop and think, and realize that many of our so-called “needs” were actually “wants.”

Sometimes when my brother or I would realize we were asking for a “want” my parents would start singing the infamous “you can’t always get what you want” song. To this day, I really can’t stand that song, yet I find myself singing it to my daughters…

We can ask ourselves: do we want Jesus or do we need Jesus?

Because there is a big difference.

I think many of us get stuck in only wanting Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful thing to want Jesus. It’s wonderful to want Him in our lives and to be part of His. Wanting Him shows our love for Him. But just like a bike or going somewhere, we can easily move onto wanting something else. Not only that, but circumstances can change and with it our wants. It’s hard to want Jesus when we’re faced to speak against the current or stand up for the truth. We want Jesus, but when it’s good for us.

When we need Jesus, it’s completely different.

To need Jesus is live what He told us, “Without me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). To need Jesus means that believing every single thing in our life depends on Him. Needing Him leads to prayer because we need to be with Him. It leads to thanksgiving because we see that everything comes from Him.

Needing Jesus not only puts Him in the center of our lives, but needing Him keeps Him there. That’s what we want this Lent. We want Jesus to be the center of our lives. Get this, we want to need Him.

Maybe you’ve already realized it, but that need for Jesus in our hearts is more often created during times when there’s suffering, pain or brokenness. Those moments when we feel burdened and the weight is crushing us is when we can say, “I need Jesus.” When we become more aware of our failings and sinfulness is when we can only say, “I need Jesus.”

And do you realize how wonderful that is? Because if we need Jesus, everything changes. That is the irony of our faith. When we’re weak, we’re strong. When we don’t have anything but Jesus, we have everything.

Jesus wants to be your everything. He’s asking you, daughter, do you want Me or do you need Me?


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Stepping Out of the Boat

Stepping out of the Boat

Four months ago, my husband and I spent an entire weekend finally starting our business. I say finally because this is something we had dreamed of five years ago when we were about to get married. We loved the idea of working together and being our own bosses. Our skill sets, styles of work, and temperaments complimented each other. We planned it out and dreamed big. We were convinced we were meant to do this and disappointed when it didn’t happen. There were too many moving parts and it was clear it wasn’t the right time.

You can understand then, why we were on fire that fall weekend when the inspiration came back. In 48 hours, we had a name, logo, website and had started the legal paperwork. We thought it would be a good starting point to funnel my freelance work through. We planned to slowly build it up until there was enough work for my husband to leave his current job and come on full-time. But that wasn’t God’s plan. On that following Monday afternoon, my husband was unexpectedly let go from his job.

The business went to the back burner and the applying process for my husband took over. Until, we were struck by the seemingly crazy idea that what if, right now, was actually the right time to start our business? Right now when we have two little children, me only working part-time and still saving for a house – right now? We felt like Peter talking to Jesus from the boat, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water” (Mt. 14:28). Was God asking us to step out of the boat?

Of course, it was God’s providence that my husband was leaving for a pilgrimage less than a week later, that we had booked months before. We both prayed during that time, and we asked God what He wanted us to do. The same answer came up for us both: He wanted us to do it. Like Peter, we heard Jesus say, “Come” (Mt. 14:29).

So we stepped out of the boat. We started walking towards Jesus.

The confirmations kept coming. With clients knocking on our door, our business was starting to take shape. That’s not to say that the waves threaten us, but we resolved to keep our focus on Jesus. For we know what happened to Peter when he took his gaze off of Jesus – he started to sink. We know that if we start looking at the strong wind around us that we will get frightened. Our only focus has to be Jesus

This journey is still unfolding. I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far about God’s incredible goodness in this process.

How We Stepped Out

First, just because it isn’t the right time for something now, doesn’t mean there won’t be the right time for it in the future. When our attempt to start a business five years ago failed, I automatically thought God didn’t want it all. I was disappointed that my husband and I wouldn’t work together and that we’d never be our own bosses. I was even mad, why would God put that desire in our hearts and then not let us follow through? How often do we assume a one-time failure is a forever-failure? God wants to remind us that His timing is not our timing. It is precisely because we failed five years ago that we recognized the opportunity to start a business this time. Sometimes our “failures” are just God’s heads up for future plans. Those desires He placed in our hearts are meant to be fulfilled!

Second, we all want to give our control to God, but when the opportunity actually presents itself, we panic. I think it’s because God knows it’s when and how we least expect it. It digs deep and requires trust. Not the kind of surface trust, but that trust without words. That trust in which you literally trust Him with your life and everything in it. Do we trust Him or not? Are we in the boat or walking on the water? How often do we not trust Him because it’s “too crazy,” “too unknown,” or “letting go of too much”? God wants us to trust Him. Yes, we can say, “Jesus, I trust in you,” but He also gives us opportunities to show that we do.

Lastly, we chose the Infant of Prague as the patron for our business. There’s a nine-hour novena that’s very powerful (and short!) I found that praying for the same intention three times in a row for nine consecutive hours (27 times total) helped me figure out exactly what it is I’m asking for. This is the novena for you if you’ve had an intention that’s been feeling “stuck”!

We walk forward aware of Jesus’ words to Peter once he started sinking, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Mt. 14:31). Let us resolve to have faith and not doubt God’s marvelous plans for us.

Jesus, Infant of Prague, intercede for us!