Real Men

I love men. I love real men—men of chivalry and honor, men who are enabled to embrace their masculinity. In a very sad way, we have a skewed perception of what a real man is. However, a real man is who God made him to be. The … Continue readingReal Men

Fear of Mortality

A string of recent celebrity demises has struck many fans profoundly. It is shocking, tragic, and downright sad when we think that icons of secular society are human just like the rest of us.  Their talent was inspiring and imagining the world deprived of their … Continue readingFear of Mortality

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I am not brave.

Have you ever watched movies about heroic feats and actions of larger than life individuals who defeat the odds, brave adversity, and survive against something insurmountable? Have you heard real-life news accounts of courage and resilience? I have watched many of these types of films, … Continue readingI am not brave.

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