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Mallory: God Had Another Plan

Mallory Grace In the grand scheme of life, sometimes, it goes fast, sometimes slow. When you lose a child, or a pregnancy, time sometimesRead more »

Christopher: Taken too Early

My name is Shari and I am the mother of nine children. My eighth child, Christopher James was taken from me too early to become a saint.Read more »

Motherhood and 1000 Concerts | Tajci {TY-chi}

By Tajci Cameron “1000 concerts is a big number in any artist’s life” states the press release about our milestoneRead more »

Protected: Texas Convent Blessing, September 21, 2013

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: About Martina KreitzerMartina is a cradleRead more »

What Apostolic Succession Is and Why It’s Absolutely Essential

Catholics believe that Jesus gave special authority to his Apostles to rule and guide the Church. These Apostles then ordained and passedRead more »

We’re Talking About Eternal Salvation Here! 3 Need-to-Know Dogmas You Never Hear About

It is said that St Francis Xavier baptized 30,000-100,000 people A dogma is a teaching of the Church that has been proposed infallibly byRead more »

Family Time!

For the past nine years, the Brothers of St. John have held a family retreat in Buda, TX at the Onion Creek Ranch.  My family has attendedRead more »

Suffering at the Hands of Family: A Personal Invitation and a Gift {Part 1}

I’m reading through threads on social media today and am thinking that if I had a nickel for every thread I read about the hurtRead more »

Physician Healed: One Doctor’s Conversion to NFP

Conversion stories have always been considered the realm of RCIA—how did someone come to yearn to “come home” to Rome? What person, whatRead more »

6 Bad Arguments You’ve Of Course Never Used Before

Laugh at the stupidity, cry at the fact that these arguments are used regularly by millions of people, feel vindicated that you’veRead more »

How to Win the Culture War…

… One Family at a Time A Typical Photo from a Gay Pride Parade I believe that the cultural battles today are a direct result of aRead more »

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: The One Who Was Left Behind

One final account is from the gal referenced earlier today, the one who was left behind in the rotunda encircled by protestors. On Friday,Read more »

{Catholic} Homeschooling Multiple Ages in a Large & Busy Family

It’s daunting to think about schooling many children, all different age ranges, in a busy house. It takes a bit of creative thinking but itRead more »

Spiritual Advice for Chicken Little

Dear Chicken Little (AKA Henny Penny, AKA All Christians today), I know you are screaming, “The sky is falling!  The sky isRead more »

On That Day: From Agnostic Theist to Seminarian to Deacon

::Friends, we are excited to share with you the next installment in the ongoing story of Catholic Sistas friend Craig DeYoung, a formerRead more »

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