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Natalie is a 22 year old Catholic wife and mama to two boys, Augustine and Ignatius. She met her husband Stephen through and they’ve been married since June 4th 2009. She is a cradle Catholic and comes from a family of 12 (seven brothers and two sisters) and considers herself a “natural” mama, or “crunchy” as some say. She loves to make sure the lifestyle of her family is as healthy, organic and natural as possible. She absolutely loves her vocation of wife and mother more than anything. She is also crafty and enjoys creating things with her hands. Her favorite hobby is playing her lever harp and creating music videos. Every time she plays, it reminds her of angels in heaven!

In Honor of St. Joseph: Our Guide, Our Intercessor, Our Friend

I picked up the phone and heard my sister’s ecstatic voice on the line. “WE HAVE SOMEONE INTERESTED IN THE HOUSE!”  My heart sang andRead more »

GIVEAWAY: 3rd Time’s the Charm – Everyone Wins!

Catholic Sistas celebrates three years TODAY! How did time fly by so quickly? We’re not sure, but we ARE sure of is that we want toRead more »

Aborted Baby Flesh Encapsulated For Human Consumption

The title just about says it all: North Korean officials just announced that they intercepted travelers smuggling powdered baby flesh pillsRead more »

Baby Drowned In Bucket After Failed Abortion

The new Internet outrage? A photo of a full term baby drowned in a bucket of water after a forced abortion in China. People are outragedRead more »

Torments of a Scrupulous Soul

I lay awake, tossing and turning in fear and anguish. I could feel the presence of demons crawling all over me. Each time my body gave wayRead more »

Hail Mary Full of Grace!

“There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the HolyRead more »

Remembering Stephen

What a powerful month this is! We are raising our voices louder than ever so we’ll be heard! Respect for LIFE, from conception untilRead more »

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