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Lydia is a wife to a military husband and is in the Air National Guard. She juggles her military job with victim advocacy and an information technology contract. Adding to the mass confusion is a fantastic step-son and three kids under the age of six. The grounding point in her life is the Catholic faith. In 2014, she completed RCIA and has been waiting for two annulments to process. Lydia had her three baby girls baptized while patiently waiting to become fully Catholic. She believes in signs from Gods, listening to others with an open mind, and living each day with purpose and kindness.
Lenten Lessons Learned

Lenten Lessons Learned

Rounding out Day Seven of Lent, I saw a tiny note scribbled in the margin: “Progress, not perfection.” I know I am not alone in feelingRead more »


God Writes Straight with Crooked Lines: A Conversion Story

Despite the turbulence of the Rockies, I successfully avoided urinating all over myself. Win! During this debacle I started laughing outRead more »