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Brantly Millegan is studying for a MA in Theology at the St Paul Seminary School of Divinity in St Paul, MN, is a Co-Founder and Co-Editor of the online journal Second Nature, and is an Assistant Editor for Aleteia. He and his lovely wife Krista live in South St Paul, MN with their two small children, Elijah and Adelaide. His personal website is

4 Reasons Getting Married and Starting a Family at Age 21 Was a Great Decision

My wife and I married the summer before our senior year of college and conceived a child just a few weeks later. On purpose. And it was oneRead more »

What Apostolic Succession Is and Why It’s Absolutely Essential

Catholics believe that Jesus gave special authority to his Apostles to rule and guide the Church. These Apostles then ordained and passedRead more »

We’re Talking About Eternal Salvation Here! 3 Need-to-Know Dogmas You Never Hear About

It is said that St Francis Xavier baptized 30,000-100,000 people A dogma is a teaching of the Church that has been proposed infallibly byRead more »

6 Bad Arguments You’ve Of Course Never Used Before

Laugh at the stupidity, cry at the fact that these arguments are used regularly by millions of people, feel vindicated that you’veRead more »

No, We Don’t Worship Mary: What The Differences Really Are

The first rule of debate is to be sure you correctly understand the position of your interlocutor. Any Catholic who has engaged inRead more »

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