7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 14

Welcome to 7 Quick Takes at Catholic Sistas. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite blogs. With 50+ contributors, we collectively follow a lot of blogs. I know I have 47 blogs in my feed reader. So the following is a very select list of a few blogs we all follow, divided up into 7 orderly categories. We chose to share specifically Catholic blogs and none of the following are blogs by any of our contributors. We would love to hear what some of your favorite blogs are (and shameless plugs for your own are more than welcome … don’t be shy!). Share with us in the comments.


Priest Blogs

There are many priests who are blogging now, maybe you even know one or two yourself. Some use blogs to publish their homilies, some for apologetics discussions, and much more. Some of the favorite priest blogs among the Catholic Sistas include:

Fr. Z’s blog: What Does the Prayer Really Say?

Monsignor Charles Pope, who has a blog on the website for the Archdiocese of Washington.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s blog at Patheos: Standing on My Head


Catholic Channel on Patheos

In addition to Fr. Longenecker’s blog at Patheos, there are many others that have great content. Too many to choose from, of course, but here are a few we picked out:

The Anchoress, aka Elizabeth Scalia (of course!)

Bad Catholic

The Crescat


Catholic Mom Blogs

A very popular category among the ink slingers is the Catholic mom blogs. I bet you’re not surprised, are you? There were a lot  of blogs we could have listed here, but instead here’s three of our favorites:

In the Heart of my Home by Elizabeth Foss

Testosterhome by Rachel Balducci

Shoved to Them by Rebecca Frech


Apologetics Blogs

We also enjoy reading blogs that make us think and help us continue to learn. Here are a few we enjoy:

Phat Catholic Apologetics

St. Joseph’s Vanguard by Devin Rose

Young, Evangelical, and Catholic by Brantly Millegan


Multi-Contributor Blogs

As much as we’d like to include ourselves here, we’ll refrain. But there are plenty of others we enjoy! Multi-contributor blogs can be so diverse, ranging from families writing together to collections of variant writers on a wide-range of topics to posts from a variety of authors collected on one website but pointing back to their individual blogs. Some favorites of ours include:


Like Mother, Like Daughter

The Integrated Catholic Life

Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network


Miscellaneous Blogs

Some blogs just don’t fit neatly into a category. Some are inspirational, some offer support, and there are many more.

The Breadbox Letters

NFP and Me

The Apostolate of Hannah’s Tears


Finally, a big shout out to a favorite blog of all of ours and host of the 7 Quick Takes series, Conversion Diary. Be sure to go visit and check out all the many other Quick Takes posts and discover a few new blogs while you’re at it.

What are some of your favorite Catholic blogs? Share with us in the comments.

6 Replies to “7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 14”

  1. I wrote a 7 Quick Takes post for Catholic Sistas today. Check it out and let us know in the comments what your favorite blogs are.

  2. Love it! I’ll definitely check out these blogs – I’ve been looking for some great uplifting Catholic material to read.

    I write mainly on life issues, and have been remiss in my blogging recently. But I’m always faithful to 7 quick takes! I’m starting to write more, and would love some new followers 🙂

  3. Hi Laura, thanks for dropping by and checking out our site. I’ll have to come over and check out your blog too. Thanks!

  4. My goodness, what a surprise! Thank you for the mention of my little blog, and thank you on behalf of Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network also (where Connie is doing such a great job pulling together bloggers with like goals!).

  5. Thank you for including Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network in your list. Since we are brand new, we can use all the publicity we can get. I am honored that you included us in such a short list. We currently have 16 bloggers writing on the spiritual life. I’m looking for Dominicans, Jesuits, and Franciscans to join us. If you know any who blog on spirituality, please send them our way. We have lots of Carmelites and Benedictines. Thanks again!

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