10 Things You SHOULD Say to a Catholic Mom

As I wrote about 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Catholic Mom, I knew the companion piece would need to come shortly after. In this article, I once again asked friends to help me compile a list of things we’d love to hear from strangers, friends and family. It’s always easier to point out the things we don’t like to hear, but I thought this piece would offer some phrases that are almost universally accepted as welcome, helpful, and appreciated with Catholic moms. If you have any others to add, along with your own experience of hearing it {or the desire to hear it from strangers, friends, and family}, please share with us in the comments below!


§ What a beautiful family! You are so blessed! 

§ I hope you do, too! {in response to “we hope to have more children”}

§ Can I help in any way?

§ Your children were so well-behaved during Mass today! 

§ You’re going to have so much fun for the holidays when they get older and have their own families!

§ You’re having another baby? CONGRATULATIONS!

§ Thank you for your positive witness to life.

§ When I get married, I hope to have a family like yours.

§ May I watch the kiddos so you and your hubby can go out?

§ You’re doing a great job.


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