Why hello there, Catholic pro-life symbol!


Design by Erika V.


We are super excited to officially launch this design as a uniquely Catholic pro life symbol.** Though the idea, thought processes, graphic design, and other elements incorporated into the design were the work of Ink Slingers as well as friends of Catholic Sistas, it was influenced by the author of yesterday’s eloquently written post, Erika. Within her post, she mentioned her dx of breast cancer when she was 28 years old and 20 weeks pregnant. The ribbon goes much deeper than just “some design” by someone who doesn’t have a stake in breast cancer awareness. No, it was truly providential that her story would become intertwined with the design. It embodies key elements of our desire to respect life, starting in the womb with footprints that create a personal connection to the praying hands and rosary our pretty lady is holding. You can see there is no denying this is to uphold our view on life from a Catholic point of view.

We will be featuring the picture for you to take and proudly display on your website. We do ask you to kindly give credit to Catholic Sistas and link back to us, and help us spread the story about Erika and her arduous journey as a Catholic woman diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant. Think of this picture as not only a way to share our Faith, but to also create awareness where there is none.

To God be the glory!

**While all of the issues that fall into the category of Respect Life are of utmost importance, this symbol speaks specifically to the atrocities committed in the first place we come into this world…the womb. For that reason, the design reflects the intrinsic evil of abortion. We also have another symbol that is attributed to *all* of the life issues.

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