Why Are Cookies Gay?

The day I saw this* circulating on Facebook, I couldn’t believe it.

No. Wait. Yes, I could. Right now virtually all businesses are jumping on the yawn-with-me marketing strategy of doing what everyone else is doing. Endorsing the gay lifestyle has become the corporate “in” thing to do. Jumping off a bridge, anyone? Bo-ring.

At first, I wanted to write a scathing piece where I could share some angry thoughts I had about why in the world are businesses openly taking a stand on such polarizing issues. Then I calmed down. Thank God for endorphins from nursing.

So, when I found out that Oreos have apparently been “in the closet” for some time, it crossed a line. Dude, it so crossed a line. I don’t even care that much about Oreos. It’s the principle of the thing. We’ve decided that inanimate tasty treats can take a stand on polarizing issues, abandoning those who morally oppose. And for what? Why? To be trendy? Can’t we just leave the sweet treats to be neutral??

So, rather than bore you with a scathing piece, I will simply ask readers – why have we dragged desserts into this nonsense? Can’t I just have a daggone sweet treat without having to worry if it’s pro-life or pro-abortion, if it endorses the homosexual lifestyle or not? What’s next? Will my generic chocolate cake mix be pro-euthanasia? Why not? That’s about the extent of the ridiculousness going on.

In any case, like him or lump him, watch this clip of the Colbert Report and have a laugh.

*Note the bottom of the picture which says “Made with creme colors that do not exist.” Ponder on that for a moment.

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  1. I have been thinking this exact same thing for a while now. Can’t I just eat my damn Oreos in peace? I feel like I need to do a research report on every company I buy something from to ensure that they don’t support Planned Parenthood in someway! It’s getting crazy.

  2. It just makes me sad, mainly because the 7 year-old girl inside me REALLY, REALLY wants a rainbow cookies. I wanna know why the gay community usurped refracted light!

  3. First of all, lets take back the rainbow! Second of all, “made with creme colors that do not exist”, oh the irony…

  4. It makes me so mad when I see company after company coming forward to show their support of homosexuality. Why, why, why? Why do companies feel the need to endorse what someone does in their bedroom. I don’t care! Why aren’t companies coming forward to say they support heterosexuality? Doesn’t that sound weird? Why yes … yes it does! Why? Because that is what is natural. We don’t need to make a statement about it. Geesh! I just want companies to do their business and leave everything else alone. We are living in crazy times! And we’re on the precipice of a very slippery slope.

  5. The gay community has a lot of money, therefore a lot of political and cultural influence!!! Their goal is to inculcate children ASAP, preferably in preschool; and to
    “normalize the gay lifestyle” in all the media. Propaganda and coersion as in the recently passed Hate Crime legislation! ( think about Adolph Hitler) It is NOT an innocent advertisement!!

  6. It still amazes me that people will identify themselves with what they do, not what they are. It boggles my mind when people say “I am black” or “I am gay” as tho that gives them an identity. it makes no difference.
    I feel so sad for those whose only way to view themselves is by applying a label… whether gay, or black, or republican…. as if it gives them status.
    So many people are so lost.
    and I feel angry that businesses as so “scared” of standing alone they need to jump on the band wagon. As our mothers often told us, “Don’t be a lemming.”

  7. Demetri Martin had this sort of thing in one of his comedy shows. He starts out saying, “I like Rainbows. But I’m not Gay. If I wear a shirt with a rainbow on it, I want to add ‘Not Gay.’ But I don’t want people to think I’m a homophobe, so I’d have to add, ‘but supportive.’ (Pause) It was pretty selfish of gays to claim refracted light for themselves.”

    I think in this era of having to be PC, companies almost feel they have to come out (so to speak) in support of gay rights in order to avoid being labeled as non-gay friendly.

  8. I am actually grateful that I am parenting now, when it is so obvious that things are loony. When my parents were parenting, things were just starting to go crazy and there wasn’t the obvious need to be proactive.
    The other thing this post made me think of is the fact that we cannot escape some guilt for what is going on in our time. There has always been collective/ societal guilt, punishable by God. We cannot avoid participating in the funding of Planned Parenthood in someway. Maybe the Oreo thing is a good reminder to donate more money to a crisis pregnancy center or pray outside of Planned Parenthood.
    Many people alive today (and working for the companies mentioned) grew up in pro-abortion households truly believing that the homosexual agenda is a human rights issue. I’m sure there are people who know exactly what they’re doing but there must be many who are ignorant and need conversion. I personally believe that a commitment to prayer and fasting has more power than boycotting everything in sight. I need to do more of that myself. Thank you Martina for posting about this important topic!”

  9. I agree, Alice! I {halfway} joke that between China and Planned Parenthood, we’d have to either fall off the grid entirely or build Catholic communes to escape the ties to these secular ideologies, but if we did that, who would shine the light of Christ? There’s a definite fine line we have to walk and deciding which businesses are worth making that “hill to die on” can vary from person to person.

    I do think that whatever we choose to protest or boycott, we should definitely do so with prayer and fasting incorporated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love this post. Can I just quote your last two paragraphs and link back to you? I’m compiling a list of my favorite bloggers quotes and I couldn’t get this one out of my mind since I first read it. (I have to ask permission. My legal profession demands that I do.)

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