Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

"Good women have abortions" Photo taken by Elizabeth McClung

UPDATE: I received an e-mail* from the good folks at Whole Woman’s Health that said:

Hi Martina,

I’m a representative of Whole Woman’s Health. We recently came across a photograph of our staff members that had been posted on our blog, on your website. We’re politely asking that you please remove our photograph from your website. 

In the future, if you’d like to use any of our photographs, please contact us first.

Thank you, 


*Catholic Sistas considers any and all correspondence with us to be public domain, to be used at our discretion.

You may view *still* view their PROUD display of posting this banner by visiting that particular blog entry.

All evil is wrapped in a pretty package. No one would choose to do evil if it actually presented itself truthfully. In an effort to create awareness this month, we will be taking various pictures of the lies that are perpetuated {sometimes proudly, such as in this photo} and fed to women who may not know the difference. This photo was taken at a local abortion clinic here in Austin, Texas, where they proudly posted this picture – ON their blog. The sad reality is that we are in agreement with them on this one, but from opposite sides of the iron fence.

Elizabeth McClung, executive director of the Austin Coalition for Life, had this to say about this picture:

Uh…since when did I say that women who have abortions are bad? How heartless and judgmental of a person does one have to be to think that way? Thanks Whole Woman’s Health for posting a sign that I agree with! Also a good sign that they are reacting to our presence in front of their clinic. If we weren’t having an impact on the women going inside, they wouldn’t feel the need to respond to us defensively or offensively. 🙂

This photo obviously speaks for itself, but what do you think the caption should say?** Respond in the comments section to let us know!

**If you have taken or discovered a picture that perpetuates the lies and want your photo featured, please e-mail us at catholic.sistas{at}gmail{dot}com.

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