Chicken Caesar Salad

  During the dog days of summer I could eat salad every day. There is just something about the crisp refreshing flavors of garden fresh greens and veggies that I crave. One of our family favorites is Chicken Caesar Salad. Over the years I’ve perfected … Continue readingChicken Caesar Salad

Summertime Sadness

*some quick ways to cure summertime boredom and blues*   This is my first year as a teacher, and it’s wild that as someone whose out “adulting” I actually get a summer off.  Whoa. It was the best thing ever.  At least, it was the … Continue readingSummertime Sadness

Welcome Back One-piece

(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons) This summer I am welcoming back the one-piece bathing suit. And you can too! It’s not about hiding stretch marks or feeling more confident than in a two-piece (because I do!). It’s about reclaiming modesty. I think most of us women … Continue readingWelcome Back One-piece