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REVIEW: Elegant and Modern Stele Golden Crucifix

REVIEW Elegant and Modern Stele Golden Crucifix


 Crucifix, Stele Model, Golden


Holy Art


If you’ve followed some of my personal posts through the Catholic Sistas social media platforms and maybe even my own personal account, you know how much I enjoy decorating my home. As an introvert and homebody, I find that being at home is only as peaceful as I make it. With nine family members, though, a lot of the decor I choose has to be either sturdy, placed high, or tough enough to withstand being put to the test by the endless stream of toddler and threenager shenanigans. 😉

That said, when Holy Art, a company based out of the Italy and sells exclusively online around the world to customers like me and you, approached me to consider a review of their products, I was intrigued. I was intrigued because I am a huge fan of high quality religious products to begin with, having had to replace many items over the years due to…yep, the endless stream of toddler and threenager shenanigans.

I found myself perusing the website for probably far longer than I should have, lol, but I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of their products. One product finally caught my eye and I thought, ok, this is it. I love crucifixes around the house, but I like them to look different. They should be detailed enough to call to mind the sacrifice Christ made for us on the Cross. The Stele Model – Golden Crucifix did just that. But ordering it online and seeing it in person would be two very different experiences. 

The product shipped “across the pond” far quicker than I expected! When I opened it, it was delicately packed, and included with it some details such as being 100% hand-crafted in Loppiano, which is near Florence, Italy, by a company called Ceramiche Centro Ave. It is made from fire clay and, as you can see from the photos, the attention to detail is stunning. Though we have a wooden Tau cross over our bed, I decided to place this crucifix on the wall over my nightstand. If you haven’t already been to their website, this is a good one to bookmark. So many companies sell mass produced items, many cheaply made in China. I doubly appreciate that this company is devoted to not just hand-made custom items – and it’s a total hat tip to the Catholic artisan movement. My suggestion to you? Visit their site and place your order – you won’t be disappointed, friend.


$71.31 + shipping


  • HEIGHT: 6.89″
  • MADE BY : The wall decor cross is hand-crafted 100% by the Italian company “Ceramiche Centro Ave” in Loppiano, near Florence.
  • MATERIALS: fire clay
  • ORIGIN: Italy
  • DURABILITY: My personal ranking – 10 out of 10
  • UNIQUENESS: My personal ranking – 10 out of 10
  • QUALITY: My personal ranking 10 out of 10


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REVIEW: Elegant and Modern Stele Golden Crucifix3REVIEW: Elegant and Modern Stele Golden Crucifix2