Witness to Confirmation

This weekend’s Confirmation Mass began with a bit of excitement and a late start. Our bishop came pealing into the parking lot from a Fairbanks priest’s funeral with just minutes to spare, but he processed into church cool and composed. I imagine it has happened … Continue readingWitness to Confirmation

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Patience, please.

I once went to Confession years ago, and as I divulged my many transgressions, I still felt helpless. Typically, I am at peace and have a sense of relief after having let out all that baggage and a cathartic sensation overtakes me, but not this … Continue readingPatience, please.


  Last week on New Year’s Eve, when most of the country was drinking and socializing with friends, I was home alone in my pajamas, in bed by 10 o’clock. I’ve spent several New Year’s Eves this way, thanks to my husband’s job. It doesn’t … Continue readingSurrender