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The Sanctity of Life and Our Catholic Response

I can remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Leo as clearly as if it happened just yesterday and not 8 ½ years ago. I remember the joy, the pain, the fear, and the worry. I wrote about my journey through a high risk pregnancy here at the website and the outpouring of love and support that our readers showered on me helped to make each day a little easier and less scary to face, especially as many family and friends abandoned us in our time of need.

If you aren’t familiar with my story I will give you a short overview (unless you’d like to read it and then you can find it here, here, and here). During the birth of my 10th child we discovered my son was breech. The doctor, who had delivered more breech babies than any other doctor in our area, was confident in both my ability and his to safely deliver my son. However, try as I might, I simply could not deliver him. Worse yet, while trying I felt an incredible amount of pain (that was a different kind of pain) and my instincts jumped into overdrive. I began to plead with the doctor to take me to the OR to do a cesarean section. I couldn’t get them to understand how vital it was to get us there quickly. They wanted to simply numb my lower half, but I knew we didn’t have that much time. I begged them to put me under and to take the baby. I think they were pacifying me because I was so panicked, but I am forever thankful that they listened to my pleas.

I woke up 3 ½ hours later to find that my uterus and bladder had ruptured and that I had lost so much blood the doctor didn’t feel I would survived a hysterectomy and so he put the “puzzles pieces” of my uterus back together, tried to fix my bladder, and then closed me up. He would tell me that had we not followed my instincts both the baby and I would have died. He also told me that my uterus was so badly damaged it would never hold another pregnancy again; that if I got pregnant that both the baby and I would die.

Fast forward a mere 5 ½ months and after Herculean efforts to not get pregnant, I was sitting in my bathroom with a positive pregnancy test, tears spilling down my cheeks, fear and joy filling my heart simultaneously, and wondering how in the world I was going to tell my husband and children. Never in my thoughts, though, was what would I do about the pregnancy. I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would risk my life to give my child a chance to live.

The events that followed still hurt. We were discharged at my OB office because I refused an abortion, we lost friends as they turned their backs on us and judged us, we felt isolated and alone, and truly felt persecuted for living out our Catholic faith. My heart still reels from the injuries that friends and family inflicted on us during that time. Thankfully my story ended beautifully- a sweet, healthy little boy in my arms, doctors astounded that my uterus was perfectly and “miraculously” healed, and a new gift of life for my son, for myself, and for our family.

I write about my choice for life because today is a dark day in the history of our great United States of America. On this day in 1973 a ruling in the Roe v. Wade case legalized abortion across America. The case denied the rights of the unborn and instead gave women the “right” to decide to end a pregnancy for whatever reasons she may have. The case made it possible that today we have reached over 62.5 million abortions performed in the United States alone. It set a precedence that said a woman’s right to choose is more important than a child’s right to live. It demeaned life in the womb as unworthy in comparison to the mother and it set into motion the false ideology that one human is more important than another. It made a god out of “choice” and placed it on an unholy altar to be worshiped. It has directly affected the importance and sanctity of marriage and family life as well.

As much as I could write about the horrors of abortion and how it has torn at the fabric of our families and our faith, instead I want to touch on what our response is and what it should be towards those faced with the decision to choose life or to choose abortion.

In my own life I faced the condemnation of fellow Catholics who thought I was irresponsible for either “getting pregnant on purpose” or for allowing myself to “fall pregnant again”. Neither scenario was correct as we had done everything within our faith to avoid pregnancy, but that didn’t matter to those who condemned me. I was married, had many other children, and was a faithful church-goer and volunteer. If someone like me, who up to that point had “done it right”, was condemned in such a terrible way, I can only imagine what single young women, poor women, women who made “bad” life choices, drug addicted women, and others feel when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. It’s not hard to understand why they may choose to end a pregnancy instead of face the flames of condemnation.

A dear friend of mine chose differently than me. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy while still very young, her family encouraged her to have an abortion. It was just “what you did” she told me. There was never any thought that she would have the child; it was taken for granted that she would take care of the problem. And she did. We didn’t meet until I was in the middle of my pregnancy with Leo and as I told her my story about choosing life, she shared her story with me. My heart broke for her. The pain caused by her abortion long ago was still present. Her abortion was encouraged and supported and yet the pain she carried was heavy in her heart and on her soul. Even though we chose differently, the pain that lingers in both of us is evident.

The Catholic Response

If we want to convince others of the horrors of abortion, we have to be willing to live what we preach. I found that were many who claimed to be pro-life and yet could not understand that even though I had 10 other children to take care of, I had no other choice but to offer my life for my son so that he had a chance to live. I found that, to some, our Catholic teachings maybe meant one thing on paper and another thing in real life.

Which is it? Do we believe that life is sacred and worth protecting or do we think that there are ifs, ands, and buts that supersede the teachings of our Catholic faith? If we truly believe that every life is sacred and worth saving, how are we working to help those who find themselves in crisis or unplanned pregnancies to choose life and to endure the hardships they are facing? Are we simply quoting Catechism passages and Bible verses or are we truly living out our call to help others understand and respect the life that God has blessed them with and then support them as they bring life into the world, regardless of the circumstance?

So far, this year in the United States alone there have been nearly 50,000 abortions performed. Friends, we are only 22 days into the New Year and nearly 50,000 babies have died because abortion is considered a valuable commodity in our country. How can this be ok? More importantly, what can we do about it?

It seems as if for now, legally, we don’t have much recourse to reverse Roe v. Wade and to make abortions illegal in our country. But we do have the ability to help women choose life. We have the ability to not only teach about the sanctity of life, but to live out those teachings by supporting women who find themselves in unplanned or crisis pregnancies. In order to help others respect life, we must first respect life. Not just the life of the baby, but the life of the mother, the father, and the entire family. We can’t just talk the talk, we must walk the walk.

  • We must teach our children that all life is sacred from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. We have to begin teaching them at a young age. Our children innately know and understand the sacredness of life and are horrified at the thought of someone killing another person, especially a baby. We must encourage their understanding and foster their love of all people.
  •  When we encounter someone who is experiencing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy we should meet them with love and hope, not judgment and condemnation. We should encourage them in their choice for life and support them as they go through pregnancy, birth, and family life. It’s easy to tell someone they should choose life and then never show our faces again. It’s more difficult to be an active participant in their lives, willing to help at every turn when possible.
  • Volunteer at a pregnancy center, at your church, at a homeless shelter, at a women’s shelter, a low income day care, or a soup kitchen- anywhere that provides services that a pregnant woman may need. If we don’t have the time to volunteer, we should financially support those programs that help women and families. Don’t worry about why they are in the position they are in, but simply love them enough to help them to better the situation they are in.
  • Be vocal in your support for life. Don’t be obnoxious, but be genuinely loving and kind as you explain why life is so precious and worth saving. There will be those who want to fight you… be strong in your faith and convictions but also in your love for those who think differently from you. The love we extend wins over more hearts and souls than hate ever could.
  •  Pray. Pray for the mothers, pray for the fathers, pray for the babies, and pray for the extended families. Spiritually adopt women who are considering abortions and offer up your hardships, your worries, and your own trials for their well-being and for their choice for life.
  • Offer a healing hug for those who have experienced abortion. Listen to their story, offer prayers, and don’t judge them. Guide them to understand that they are still loved and that they can be forgiven. Point them to resources that will help them through the pain that accompanies abortion- not the just the physical pain but the mental, emotional, and spiritual pains.
  • Work within your legal system to encourage our leaders to make new laws that focus on ending abortion and the need for abortions. Abortion is big business that lines the pockets of many and so it will be difficult to eradicate. But we have to continue our work to bring about those changes.

Today, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I ask that you pray with me for all those women who are facing crisis or unplanned pregnancies, for those who are facing medical emergencies in their pregnancies, for those who feel alone and abandoned in their time of need, and for all those who are facing a decision between life and death. Let God use us as His means to provide help and hope to those who need it most. I pray that God will wrap them in His arms and help them to see their worth, their child’s worth, and the joy that comes from choosing life.

If you or someone you know is facing a crisis pregnancy, please know that we are here for you. Reach out and we will do our best to put you in contact with those who can help you.

If you are in need of post abortion healing, please consider contacting Rachel’s Vineyard. They can help you find hope, healing, and peace.

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The Farce of Reproductive Rights, or, How to Turn Personal Liberty into Slavery


To whomever composed this meme:

…except that half of every human being comes from the father.

…except that from the instant two gametes unite the 46 chromosome zygote isn’t the mother, and it isn’t the father. It’s itself.

…except that people want the state/taxpayers to pay for your opinion and your “rights.” If you are paying for your opinion, that’s fine. Someone else? Well, not so fine.

…except that other people want the state to impose what goes on in their bedrooms as “just as normal” as real marriage, so you’re up against the two-edge sword of hypocrisy.  Just like the “reactoids” that say killing a guilty criminal is the same as an innocent and defenseless child in the womb (I’m not one of them…guilt and innocence mean something), you can’t demand the state enthrone sexual gratification as a right and institution in the same breath you ask the state to allow you to kill a human being in your own body, at your own convenience.

…except that women want the power of the state to ensure this “right” based on privacy, even though it directly conflicts with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on which this country was founded (supposedly).

  • You want liberty at the expense of someone else’s liberty.
  • You treat the unborn like property to be dispensed with at will.
  • You want the state to pay for your choices and rights, too.


One could, even, in a ridiculously hyperbolic moment, say that the unborn are the last face of slavery in the modern world, because really, if you are free to use yourself any way you want and choose the fate of other people you create, what makes you different from a plantation owner?  Let’s not forget that any people born to slaves were property too, to be used, bought, and sold. We can’t buy or sell children now, and we fought a war of great price over the issue that greatly divided this country, but we can kill them at will. And irony of irony, Margaret Sanger and the PP folks are the face of ethnic genocide in the world today, doing everything possible to kill as many of “those people” as they can with their domestic and exported “family planning” otherwise known as the “make sure blacks and Hispanics don’t breed” program.


The zygote is genetically programmed to implant in the uterine wall. The zygote divides itself, makes a sac for development, establishes the line of growth in the umbilical cord, and differentiates its own cellular growth from an embryo to a fetus to a child until it is sufficiently mature to survive on its own.

Scientifically, outside of hormones that change and supplying glucose and nutrients and oxygen and waste transport, a woman’s body doesn’t do anything actively.  It isn’t her body growing. It isn’t her cells at all.  It’s the other way around.  Every child a woman conceives, whether it lives or dies, contributes its own cells and DNA back to the mother.  So give birth to, abort, or miscarry; your children will always be a part of you. Just look into recent studies in Microchimerism.


I’m generally ignoring Todd Akin’s ill-conceived and poorly worded concept of “legitimate rape” because less than .1% of abortions in the United States are due to rape and incest. On that note, rape is horrific and I believe a rapist should be punished by castration, but the person that results from a rape isn’t any less a person. And on incest, please, let’s get real. It’s one of the bottom forms of disgusting in the species, but the argument nonetheless applies: the people who result from it are no less people to be killed because of violence or depravity.

You can if you want recoil in horror at my words, but just as horrific rape and incest and abuse of women are, children conceived out of the circumstance, are, regardless, still people and so they are worthy of life.


The real topic isn’t “reproductive rights”; it is society ignoring the fact that the uterus is the medium for the gestation of the human race in general, and in particular is the place for an entirely separate, unique human being that isn’t the mother and isn’t the father. This is basic science. This isn’t morality. Let’s leave “God” out of the discussion.  In fact, when it comes to same gender equality, we can leave “God” out of it there, too.

If it was your own body, it would be your choice. But reproduction involves someone else that isn’t you. They are just living in you until they can live on their own.  You would think the womb would be safe place, but 4000 people a day in this country find out it isn’t, and countless tens of thousands more are killed across the globe, by force, or by choice, every day.  Nothing like turning your own body into a bloody battlefield, eh?


The unhappy, and rarely mentioned, consequence of ready-made birth control is that for every inch of sexual liberation women have “gained” by the pill, they have had a mile of degradation and objectification “imposed” on them by it.

Sex is supposed to mean something.  It is part of us.  It is integral to who we are as a species, and as genders. Generally speaking, every person born can eventually impregnate or be impregnated.  When sex devolves to recreation while intentionally stifling procreation, it leaves people either empty or preoccupied with gratifying themselves. With that attitude, we end up with teenagers that are encouraged to do whatever makes them feel good, consequence-free; by the time a girl or boy gets to their post-college years they’ve already killed the spark and joy and fun and love that sex is supposed to have for a person.  Look around.  There are clusters of pregnancies amongst girls, sex parties, coed sleepovers and sex buddies and all manner of cheap empty degradation.  I just heard from a friend of a friend whose 15 year old is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is because she and numerous other girls and guys had a coed sleepover at someone’s house and she slept with three or four guys in one night at an all-night orgy.  This, apparently, is a common practice in Japan.  Sex buddies.  Clusters of teenagers whose social circle revolves around the people they have sex with.  That’s what the common bottom dollar denominator is when you can sterilize yourself on a whim and sex becomes solely about recreation.


When procreation drops and recreation reigns, and when children are optional life accessories, and not something integral to who we are, life itself ratchets down several notches.  The step from “my body has the ability to create new life and I need to be responsible for that ability by embracing it, not skirting it…” to “my body is for my pleasure and when and if I want to use it for making children, I will…” is a huge problem.  Short-term thrills give way to long-term problems, and we see the rapid rise of abortion rates, sterility and fertility problems, depression, emotional turmoil, disease, sex slavery, forced prostitution, child abuse, and abuse of women.

No, that isn’t an illogical leap.  One of the biggest “advances” in sex slavery has been forced contraception to keep prostitutes from getting pregnant.


And let’s not forget casual sex’s kissing cousin – the homosexual subculture.  What’s on the rise again?  Good old fashion antibiotic and antiviral-resistant venereal diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, herpes, and others.  The gay bath house culture is back on the rise now that the cocktail has made AIDS no longer a death sentence, so you can’t die from AIDS now, but you might have to go on industrial strength antibiotics and antivirals to combat your latest STD.


What’s worse is that this path on the big scale is ultimately a death spiral.  Look at places like Russia, Italy and Japan. They are societies of sterile, empty sex with women having abortion after abortion with no marriage and no children, or engaged in different methods of contraception that does who knows what to your body over time.  Then look at China.  Millions killed by the state each year for population control, and people forced to contracept so that they don’t have their children killed or have crushing taxes imposed on them for having more children (35-65K per child in taxes).

Does this country, any country, really, really want to end up like that?  Look at the real, day-to-day face of “population control” “family planning” and “sexual liberation.” If it doesn’t frighten you… it should.


Instead of being coy by saying a man should have no opinion about abortion, even though about 48% of every human being is their father’s DNA – why don’t you think human beings that aren’t born yet have no right to live?  You can sexually recreate, but you can’t accept responsibility for the fact you can create new people while you’re recreating? Of course you know you can procreate. There wouldn’t be 29783 ways to prevent procreation, so that you are free to recreate and perhaps spread a disease or two.


I know people look at Catholics and religious people in general and think we’re either general freaks, control freaks, or prudes, but it isn’t so much controlling or being a freak as it is understanding the real world impact of high level moral attitudes and permissive attitudes. My view of the world is twofold: the moral realm, and the practical realm of decision making in what people used to call the Natural Law.  Morality and immorality have consequences. The convenient truth for more than five hundred years of western civilization is that humanity needs to cast off the yoke of Catholic stricture and Popes saying no.  The real truth is that after casting off Catholicism for five hundred years, the world is a poorer, more troubled place.  Politics, morality, sociology, psychology, economics, sexual ethics, medicine, you name it… each facet of the modern world ails from the lack of wisdom and restraint true Catholic Faith brings.  In embracing “liberty” the world has instead embraced slavery.  And worse, most times it doesn’t even realize it.  The world needs to listen to Catholics, instead of trying to extinguish it or co-opt it like the Obama administration is right now.


Civil rights in this century aren’t about intrinsically STERILE same-gender sexual recreationalists being treated like normal biological partners. The real civil rights movement is that of the unborn TO BE BORN without extermination by the state, or their own mothers, along with Catholicism having a right to exist, a right to inform, and a right to practice our faith without prejudice.

And so, in response, I have a better, pithier meme.

CHOICE: The New Battlefield. The New Face of Slavery.