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Let’s Get Back to the Future

While it is news that Michael J. Fox is finally admitting embryonic stem cells (ESCs) won’t cure him (or anything), those of us opposed have known this for years. Even Susan G. Komen realized last year that funding ESC research was throwing good money after bad science.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water, the way ESC research does. Instead, let’s get back to the future of stem cell research by reviewing the scientific facts.

The very science that makes embryonic stem cells exciting is what causes so many problems. The exciting aspect of ESCs is that they have the potential to be transformed into any body cell type. On the surface, this seems like such an awesome discovery that “Who cares how we derive these cells, let’s just make tons of them!”

Then reality sinks in… You know what else can make any body cell type? Cancer. That is exactly the issue with most ESC studies: instead of cures, tumors result. So far, research with ESCs has lead to destruction of human embryos, cloning of human embryos, tumors, and no real cures. It’s odd that science and the liberal left has taken ESCs “potential” and relentlessly pursued that potential, to no avail, while simultaneously having no problem with discarding embryos in abortion that have the greatest potential of all: that of a human being.

Funding adult stem cells (ASCs), on the other hand, has resulted in cures with no destruction of human life! Using ASCs, then, ought to be a no-brainer, but many people still propose using ESCs instead based on emotional and not scientific arguments. Then there are others, such as this man, who began his journey believing ESCs were the panacea, but discovered that it was actually ASCs that effected the cure. Yes, even scientists get caught up in the exciting aspects of their studies, and sometimes fail to realize many discoveries were made by accident by very dull mechanisms. Plus, scientists are as human as everyone else; we have our pride, too. It’s pride that makes scientists want to find a cure in ESCs because it would be exciting and new. Whereas finding a cure using ASCs…not so much, since ASCs are found in common tissues like blood and bone marrow. Nor is finding a cure with ASCs new; the list of diseases currently being successfully treated with ASCs is very long.

However, new discoveries are constantly being made with ASCs, so scientists shouldn’t worry they’ll be left behind. The University of Michigan is using cancer stem cells to study cancer. This may sound obvious, but the beauty of this type of study is that cancer patients are physically contributing to cancer research when they “donate” their tumors.

Another interesting source of embryonic-like stem cells is breast milk. We’ve all heard “Breast is Best”–especially as a new mother–but current studies have shown that these embryonic-like stem cells are present in breast milk in fairly high quantities. The presence of these stem cells may be one of the largest factors in why breast is best. One of the researchers responsible for these findings is also looking into comparing how normal functioning breast stem cells differ from cancerous (malfunctioning) breast stem cells.

In college, I had the opportunity to do research with ESCs. Although we were using chicken embryos, the implications were clear to me. Even without the moral considerations, it was obvious the ESCs we isolated were highly difficult to work with and maintain. Not only that, but they also were very unpredictable. Using the same methods each time, I would generate different cells or sometimes no cells.

From my perspective, the repeated failures of ESCs prove that God’s plan is not for embryos to be produced only to be destroyed, especially in light of the ASC successes. As a Catholic scientist, I don’t have to choose being a Christian over science; the two are mutually compatible and work together harmoniously if you seek the truth–and nothing but.


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The Bible for (abortion) Profit?!

(NOTE: read an important update at the end of this post!)

The Bible, the holy word of God, and prayerful concern for victims of breast cancer – they fit together so very well! That is until you add the Susan G Komen Foundation into the mix! We, at Catholic Sistas, spent much of October helping to shed light on the unholy alliance between Komen and Planned Parenthood (PP). The fact that Komen donates millions of dollars to PP – the largest provider of abortion in our land –  should, therefore, not come as a surprise. What may not be common knowledge, however, is their latest attempt to ‘pink’…

 the Holy Bible!

That’s right! Komen has stepped up its attempts to commercialize breast cancer by partnering with B&H Publishing Group (a division of LifeWay Christian stores) and Walmart as reseller. Their brainchild is the Here’s Hope Bible –  Breast Cancer Awareness Edition, which benefits the Susan G Komen Foundation. Hopefully the publisher and retailer are unwitting accomplices to Komen in their insidious efforts to usurp dollars intended to help with ‘awareness’.

So here is their spiel from the Walmart online store:

“The Here’s Hope Breast Cancer Bible is a reminder that God has not forgotten you, a friend, or loved one who has been impacted by breast cancer. Not only will you find encouragement and inspiration through testimonies from breast cancer survivors but more importantly you’ll encounter God’s life-sustaining words for you.”

Prayerful concern, inspiration, and comforting scripture are certainly a solace for those of us who have experienced breast cancer. I firmly believe that I am alive today as the result of many prayers lifted up for me during surgery, chemo, and recovery! As a 6-year survivor, I also feel qualified to opine that breast cancer donations would be better spent on prevention and research or perhaps helping actual victims such 30 year old, Erika Vandiver, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 20 weeks pregnant.

Furthermore, much of Komen’s rhetoric is aimed at ‘awareness’. Aren’t we all ‘aware’ of breast cancer by now? You can ask almost anyone, male or female, and they will likely be able to recite, by rote, the ways to prevent breast cancer: regular mammograms, healthy eating, avoidance of the Pill, and of course not having abortions. We know about self exams and exercising and even genetic testing. So this ‘awareness’ is not as urgent as it once was. Komen seems simply to have found a titillating way to stir up sentiment – and reap the cash rewards – and now they have stooped to the shameless exploitation of scripture!

However, what concerns me most about this latest endeavor to raise money…ahem…I mean awareness, is that Komen is crossing the line of propriety. How dare an organization with a loathsome alliance with abortion giant, PP, associate themselves with ‘scripture for profit’? Especially since a part of their share of the purchase price will, most likely, find its way to a cause of breast cancer – abortion!  After all, $1 of every purchase of the Here’s Hope Bible goes to Komen. Additionally disgraceful is that Komen’s support of PP does nothing to prevent breast cancer – PP does not provide even one mammogram in any of its facilities, nationwide!

Now, before you object to the conclusion that Komen dollars help to fund PP abortions, let’s connect the dots. Money donated to PP is fungible. This means that, although the money may not be donated specifically for abortions, it does free up funds that WILL be used for abortions. By helping PP pay their light bill, for example, you are freeing up other funds to kill babies! That is simply not acceptable, helpful or moral!

God help our nation in its complicity in the killing of millions of unborn babies!

These babies deserve our prayerful consideration! We must not become unwitting accomplices ourselves! Let us seek justice for the sake of the voiceless! So what can we do? For starters, think before you pink! Then we must share this post with as many people as possible to raise our own kind of ‘awareness’. We should also contact B & H publishing, LifeWay, and Wal-Mart and let them know (if they don’t already) that Komen is not a suitable partner. This will take little of our time and if enough pro-life faithful are willing to make the effort, we may just be able to stem this pink tide…especially with Him as our ally!

“Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.” ~Matthew 5:6



From a story posted by entitled LifeWay Christian Bookstores Takes Komen Bible Off Shelves:

“In a victory for pro-life advocates, Lifeway Christian Bookstores has taken a Bible sold to fund the Komen breast cancer foundation (which funds Planned Parenthood) off of its bookshelves.

Read the entire text of the December 14, 2011 letter from  Thom S. Rainer, President and CEO – LifeWay Christian Resources, here. He explains the decision of removing the offending Bibles from their shelves in keeping with their commitment to Christian values. It would be wonderful to flood LifeWay and their publisher, B & H publishing will notes of thanks. I’m sending mine now!

God bless, Birgit J



I wanted to share the great response I received today (December 28, 2011) from the publishing company responsible for the ‘pink’ Bible:

Good Afternoon Ms Jones,

I am sorry to be so late responding to your concern sent a few days ago regarding the Cancer Awareness Bible produced by B&H Publishing, a division of Lifeway Christian Resources.

I hope you’ve read by now that LifeWay is withdrawing the Bibles from the retail stores where they were being sold, and is discontinuing our relationship with the Komen Foundation. Our president, Dr. Thom Rainer, said the project was a mistake because of the perceived indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood.

We are developing a plan to re-use the special pink Bibles to support breast cancer research and treatment.
Thank you for sharing your concern.

Martin King

Martin King
Director LifeWay Communications
LifeWay Christian Resources
One LifeWay Plaza
Nashville, TN 37234-0192
615-251-2307 (o)
615-585-0033 (c)

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PINK Betrayal

Erika and Birgit in post-chemo do’s

I’m a cancer survivor. It’s a point of pride for me – and a badge of honor. All of the scars I bear, both physical and mental, were earned in hand to hand combat with an evil monster of a disease. This monster took my grandmother at 42, my mother at 58 and tried to take both my 28 year old daughter and her unborn child in 2009! I’ve been to the bowels of hell and back. I have fought the good fight and, for the time being, I have won! My enemy surrounds me, though, and he is never far from me. He lurks in the corners of my subconscious and seeks to destroy me – if not by eating away at my body, then by eating away at my life of calm control over who I am. He honors no boundaries and his hunger for victims is unquenchable. This formidable foe never sleeps.

A small consolation of having cancer, however, is a certain sense of ‘belonging’ to a highly specialized Club. It is truly not a Club one would voluntarily join. It is a Club whose ‘hazing’ is difficult to survive – a life or death struggle. But once you are ‘in’ you are a Star! I truly love my brothers and sisters in cancer with a love that is strong, vibrant and true. We cling together. When one suffers, we all suffer. When one dies, a little piece of us dies with them. And when we battle, we battle hand-in-hand, careless and free, with not a single worry of how we look to the ‘outsiders’…we are a family and our numbers make us strong!

For me, however, there is also a very personal pain associated with membership. This pain is one of seclusion and exclusion. It haunts me and propels me at the same time. I want to share my thoughts but often find myself shunned, even by my fellow Club Members. As much as I seek camaraderie and unity, I simply cannot compromise my principles to join the ‘Inner Circle’ of this crowd. I’ve been blackballed…excluded by none other than the Susan G Komen foundation, and others like her*. She proclaims to care about us – the victims, the survivors, the dead. But she is a Wily Lass and has deceptive ways. She talks the talk of healing and of the ‘cure’ but she lies. Her ways are not my ways. Her god is not my God. She worships at the table of public pride and seeks the monetary reward of donations and status.

Abortion and the Pill cause Breast Cancer!

She also has ungodly bedfellows. Even as she proclaims to fight for a cure she sashays around, hand-in-hand, with Planned Parenthood. PlannedParenthood receives a large share of her ill-gotten gains. Komen is a traitor! How can she support Planned Parenthood and still claim purity of intention? Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion – a procedure which is known to vastly increase breast cancer – is given donor money even though they do not provide a single mammogram – ANYWHERE in the nation.  Planned Parenthood, who cannot and does not help any who are in the clutches of the demon, Cancer!

Pro-lifers can’t support this until they are morally sound.

Ironically I’ve had the honor of having my name written on a jersey of someone who ‘raced for the cure’. This created an awkward situation for me. The well-meaning friend was chagrined to learn of the Komen/PP connection. I hated to cause her hurt – after all, she was being considerate and ‘honoring’ my daughter and me. But you can’t be squeamish with your principles and so I had to take a stand.

It is heartening that there are more stories exposing this uncomfortable truth out there this year, however, sharing details of this illicit relationship. More people are becoming aware of how blatantly we Cancer Fighters are being used as a commodity. There are now Bishops in the United States who have come through by asking the parishes in their diocese not to promote or donate to Komen. There are stories all around the pro-life community and a medical journal article has recently been published showing the abortion/breast cancer link. This is great news!

One of these days, I will be able to join the Elite Club. I’ll be able to walk or run or race for the cure. That high that one gets from being a participant publicly – a survivor – will be mine! In the mean time, I will continue to cringe reflexively whenever I see the pink bedecked masses. I will feel that feeling of being on the outside looking in. My Membership will be denied and although I will feel the private joy of having come this long seven years with no recurrence, I will not be a part of that particular Pink Parade. I will not sell out, I will not pretend, and I will not foolishly be lead down the Pink Primrose Path when there are evil alliances colluding to take the ‘pink’ money and use it for evil. Until then I will encourage everyone I meet to ‘rethink the PINK’. The wish of myself and others like me is to ‘Take Back the Pink’ for breast cancer research that is morally sound. Won’t you join us in spreading the news?

+   +   +

* In addition to donating to Planned Parenthood, the American Cancer Society also supports research using Embryonic Stem Cells. These are cell lines derived from aborted babies. The ACS is therefore also on the illicit organizations list.


Erika and Rachel – survivors of breast cancer while pregnant.

Pro-life ways to donate to the Breast Cancer Cause:

Directly to a Cancer Victim: At age 28, Erika was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She was also 20 weeks pregnant. On October 28, 2011 she is scheduled for her 5th surgery!

The Polycarp Research Institute (TPRI): TPRI performs high-quality medical research & serves as a resource center. Research areas: Abortion – Breast Cancer, Oral Contraceptive – Breast Cancer, Postfertilization effect of Emergency Contraception, Postfertilization effect of Oral Contraceptive.

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute Home Page: Our website is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and accurate information to medical professionals and the general public on how to prevent breast cancer. Our on-line publications, as well as our list of other resources, are all designed to provide you with knowledge of practical, risk-reduction strategies.

National Breast Cancer Foundation® Official Site – Information, Awareness & Donations: Breast cancer information, facts, statistics, symptoms and treatments, early detection, mammography screenings, and breast cancer research from the official non-profit source offering charity donations and corporate sponsorship opportunities for breast cancer.