A Deeper Look

My mom and I share an interest in flower gardening. Over the years, she has given me many “starts” from her perennial gardens, and I try my best to keep them alive. Sometimes it works, other times I am forced to take the walk of … Continue readingA Deeper Look

Gardening with Weeds

We have had a garden for a few years now. Each year we spend time together deciding what we want to plant. Our first year we planted watermelons. Our garden, at the time, was a tiny square in our backyard, and the watermelon vine took … Continue readingGardening with Weeds

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Here Comes the Judge!

“Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1). We have all heard differing ideas about what judgment means. Being judgmental is condescending and patronizing and altogether wrong, right? Judgmental is one of those words whose negative connotation immediately leaves people with a sense of, … Continue readingHere Comes the Judge!