Lessons from Flynn

  What is it about parenting that can make us too controlling? How do we find the happy medium between guiding children and instilling independence? Do we care too much or are we missing something? What is the heart of the matter? How do we … Continue readingLessons from Flynn

False Crawls

Question: What can live for up to 100 years, is known to be harmless to humans and moves no faster than 1 mph but can still scare the living daylights out of a grown woman who comes face-to-face with one? Answer: A sea turtle. Years … Continue readingFalse Crawls

Words Sent

Brrrinngggg. “Hello. Can you talk? I am feeling awful today?” “Sure.” That conversation was maybe eight years ago. A couple years earlier then it, I was hit with a simultaneous ‘triple whammy’: Heat Exhaustion, Lyme Disease, and Panic Disorder. As I set about the long … Continue readingWords Sent