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Journey Through The Desert: Lent 2021 Photo Journey

Lent 2021 begins tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

Shortly after Ash Wednesday last year, many Catholic churches were closed for a long time due to C*vid. Some are still closed. For many of us, Ash Wednesday and Lent a year ago mark the beginning of a time in spiritual desert; unable to receive the Eucharist for so long. For many of us it’s allowed us to grown in our faith; spurring us on to make greater efforts in our relationship with God. Lent 2020 was hard. Some of us feel like we’ve been living in Lent since March 2020 and haven’t left that  desert. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of where you’re faith is right now, Ash Wednesday 2021 marks a way to re-focus ourselves on Christ. 

Our 2021 Lent “Journey Through the Desert” Catholic Sistas Photo Journey helps us to do that. The words on our Photo Journey prompt remind us to look around our lives and be a little more aware of God’s presence. To reflect on those things present but also those things in the past. The Catholic Sistas Photo Journeys are set up to allow us to reflect on where we see Christ and where we’re lacking Christ and need growth.


Join Us

So if you need something to help you re-focus you a little bit more on Christ, or you just enjoy reflecting on your faith visually, consider joining Adrienne, Allison, Anna, Celeste, Laura, Mandi, Rosemary, and me (Rita).

Be sure to use #CSLENTIPJ (Catholic Sistas LENT Instagram Photo Journey)  so we can find your photos and share some of them in our stories!

And just a little side note, say a little prayer for us Texan Catholic Sistas (and many others in the South). We’re struggling right now with unprecedented weather that our state, city, and homes were not built to handle. 1/3 of my city (Austin Texas) has been without power since early Monday morning (parts of the power grid are frozen). So between unprecedented, record- breaking weather and C*vid still things affecting many thing, we’re entering Lent a little differently this year.

How the Lent 2021 Photo Journey works

• Each day has one word associated with it. Most of these words are from the readings for the day, some are about the saint of the day, and some are just related to the season of Lent. Snap a photo or find an old photo related to that word. The photo does not have to be faith-themed, as the goal of our photo challenges is for us to see God in our everyday lives and reflect on Him.

• Use the hashtag #CSLentIPJ and any other appropriate hashtags (#gray, #adore, #suffer, etc) when you post your Photo Challenge photos. This allows us all to search Instagram and other social media platforms for other participants. You can even follow the hashtag on Instagram so you’ll see all the photos posted from everyone participating. We will be sharing participant photos throughout the Photo Challenge, and the way we find them is through the #CSLentIPJ hashtag.

• While our main platforms for the Lent 2021 Photo Journey are Instagram, and Facebook, we are present on many other platforms. Tag us with @CatholicSistas on INSTAGRAMPINTEREST and FACEBOOK. And if you’re blogging about your Lenten Photo Challenge, link back to us or comment below with a link to your post.

• When you use the hashtag #CSLentIPJ on Instagram, it will enable us to find you on Instagram and possibly feature you in our stories!

• Click the graphic below to download the CSLentIPJ graphic for quick reference. Note that the dates of the weekends are a different color to help visually break up the days.

• Lastly, consider joining us on Facebook in our group CATHOLIC SISTAS – THE COFFEE HOUSE. Here we can share pictures of the challenge and we get to know each other in a private setting. Please request to be added and answer the group questions, and you will be approved as soon a moderator is able to add you.

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2019 Lenten Photo Journey

This past weekend my husband and I began discussing our Lenten sacrifices. While Lent is pretty late this year (Easter is in mid-April!), it yet still managed to sneak up on me. Ash Wednesday is less than a week away!

The Catholic Sistas Lent Photo Journey is a perfect way to integrate something I already do daily (take photos) with the season of Lent. The Lent Photo Journey allows me to integrate the Lenten season into my daily life, encouraging me to notice God’s presence in my life and search for God in new and different ways.

I’m delighted to lead the Catholic Sistas Instagram Lent Photo Journey again with some wonderful friends and sisters in Christ, CelesteKristin, Laura, Mandi, Rosemary, Sarah, (and find me here). I invite y’all to join us in recognizing God’s presence in everyday things. These things can be people and situations around us, activities we do, events we attend or participation in, or anything in our daily lives. And some of our photos can be from previous moments in our lives, such as a celebration, vacation, or a moment we recognized as important and snapped a photo of it, not realizing until now God’s presence in that moment. By sharing these photos on social media, we make note of how God has touched us and share this moment of God’s presence with others.

I’m excited to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for us all in our photos. And I look forward to sharing with this Lenten Photo Journey with y’all. Happy clicking (or cell phone screen touching)!


• Catholic Sistas pre-determined a photo reflection word for every day during Lent. You snap a photo (or find a photo in your photo archives) related to that word and share it on social media. The photo does not have to be faith-themed. The goal of our Photo Journeys and Challenges are for us to see God in our everyday lives. Download the graphic with those reflection words here (and see it below).

• When posting your photos on social media, use the hashtag #CSLentIPJ and any other appropriate hashtags (#mery, #virtue, #neighbor, #love, #Lent, etc) with your Photo Journey photos. The #CSLENTIPJ hashtag allows us at Catholic Sistas, as well as everyone else in the Catholic Sistas community, to search Instagram and other social media platforms for others who are participating in the Photo Journey. Using this hashtag will also help us be able to share your photos on our Instagram stories. (Note: CSLentIPJ mean Catholic Sistas Lent Instagram Photo Journey)

• Speaking of hashtags, did you know you can follow a hashtag on Instagram? Follow #CSLENTIPJ to see all Catholic Sistas Lent Photo Journey photos. To follow, tap any hashtag (example: #flower) you see on Instagram (or search for a hashtag). Tap the blue Follow button at the top of the screen. Once you follow a hashtag, you’ll see its photos and videos appear on your feed and in your stories. You’ll see it in the Following section of your profile. To unfollow a hashtag, tap the hashtag and then tap Following.

• The main social media platforms for the Lent Photo Journey are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, though we’re also present on many other platforms. Tag us with @CatholicSistas on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and as @Catholic_Sistas on Twitter. Are you blogging about your Lenten Photo Journey? Drop a link to your blog in the comments below or link back to us when you post on your blog. 

• Download the 2019 CSLentIPJ Graphic (shown above) for reference. Note that weekends are a different color than weekdays to help visualize each week better. Also, after you download the graphic, share it with others and invite them to journey with us too. And consider using the Lenten Photo-A-Day Journey Participant Graphic (shown below) on your social media sites, such as for promotion on Instagram or Facebook or as a profile picture on Facebook.