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How to Radiate Awesome (…and still be humble)


Spiritual Coach

So…true confessions.  I’m definitely hard on myself when it comes to the spiritual life.  It’s like I have an angry personal trainer (I imagine someone in spandex with crazy 80’s hair) yelling in the back of my head: “Be patient.” “Be nicer.” “Why aren’t you at daily mass?” “Say that rosary!”  

It took me a while to realize that the real core of being Catholic is not a number of rosaries recited or our list of Catholic books read.  It’s letting God love you.  We, as His Church, are His beloved bride, cherished by Him above all creation.  He loves us SO ridiculously much.  He loves us into existence.

And if He loves us that much—if He is willing to sacrifice, to fight for us, to call us to His heart, we should definitely love ourselves.  Love ourselves, be kind to ourselves, actually be a fan of who we are as individuals.

The Source of Awesome

Of course, I know the counter.  Too much self-love, disordered self-love, that’s vanity and pride.  And yes, we should avoid thinking of ourselves as the be-all-end-all of awesome.

Key to this, I believe, is a healthy understanding that the source of our awesomeness is God Himself.  If I ever were to get a tattoo, it would be the quote from St. Catherine of Sienna: “Be who you were meant to be and you will set the world on fire.”  When we’re being what God made us to be, we’re ridiculously awesome.  And that’s something to radiate, something to shine forth to all the people around us.

Top 7 Ways to Radiate Awesome

So, with this in mind, here’s my list of how to be awesome (and still be humble):

  1. Do what you love. If you could spend the next fifteen minutes doing whatever you wanted, what would it be? Read? Go for a walk?  Call up that dear friend? Drink a nice cup of Chai Tea?  Make some time to do it sometime this week.  Of course, nothing sinful—rather, something which brings you genuinely, unforced joy. God gave you this desire in your heart.  Do it.
  2. Celebrate your accomplishments.  Don’t let something you’ve achieved pass you by!  Think about it this way.  If we never acknowledge or celebrate the goodness of our achievements, how can we truly thank God for them?  I don’t mean that you should wave banners and blow horns for yourself.  But definitely take a moment to reward yourself for all the hard work you did on that project, and how you opened yourself up to the prompting of the Spirit. 
  3. Volunteer.  If you have an awesome talent, God probably wants you to use it for His Church.  Play the piano?  You probably should be doing that at church.  Good with finances? You probably should be on the parish finance council.  Great with kids? Nursery, youth ministry, catechist.  Knit? Prayer blankets are one of my new favorite things.  Radiate being awesome by sharing it with others. 
  4. Talk about what brings you joy.  Wow, do we complain a lot in conversation!  Or, at least I do.  The ironing isn’t done.  This student is annoying me.  I can’t maintain classroom discipline.  I have a deadline coming up.  These things pile up and fill my conversations to overflowing. Rarely do I make time in conversations for how awesome it is to read books for work. Or how a dear friend randomly showed up at my doorstep this past weekend.  Or how I love to write, how I just wish I could write all day.  In your words, share the awesome the Lord has given you. 
  5. Get out of your comfort zone. Take a jump! Take a (safe) risk.  Preferably one that helps you laugh at yourself, discover something about this world, connects you with people outside of your normal lane.  Take that exercise class, go ziplining, talk with the cashier, give a talk at a youth group meeting, introduce yourself to that family behind at mass with the loud kid.  Maybe you’re actually awesome at curling.  Or maybe you’re not—but it’s pretty awesome that you tried. 
  6. If you’re genuinely good at something, don’t tell people that you’re bad at it.  That’s lying.  This is a huge pet peeve of mine, and what’s sad is that I often fall into this trap.  So, if someone says to you: “You’re such a wonderful cook.” And you say: “Oh no, not really…” STOP.  You ARE good at it, and you should celebrate the truth of it.  Also, see #3.  You should be helping at soup suppers. 
  7. In all things, give thanks.  Our lives should be engulfed in thanks.  Everything we have, everything we are is a gift.  Be awesome, your honest form of awesomeness, and praise God with it.  Thank God in your prayers for your unique brand of awesome—and thank Him in your life by radiating awesome.

In what ways do YOU radiate awesome? Share in the comments, friends!

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The Official 2017 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway!

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you to our FIFTH annual Catholic Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway! Local artisans and small businesses with Catholic owners comprised much of our gift guide and giveaway last year, and we loved the way it came out. We had some amazing ideas and such fabulous prizes that we decided to do it again this year. Hooray for small businesses!

Here are some of our favorites – a list of 83 fantastic gifts, plus, in conjunction with our awesome sponsors, we are giving away 3 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS a total of 28 prizes! You can find the giveaway at the bottom of this post; but first, the gift guide:

(Need more gift ideas? Check out the gift guides from 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. See a repeat from last year’s gift guide? It means we double love it!)



 DAYBOOK 2018 Liturgical Planner {HARD COPY}


Consumable Gifts:

  1. Country Soaps by Marlen 2. Beeswax Candles 3. Mary’s Mantle Shea Butter Soap 4. Universal Cup Coffee 5. Monastery Chapstick 6. Greeting Cards 7. Christmas Cards 8. St. Nicholas Cookie Cutter  9. Three Wise Men Candle

Beautify Your Home:

  1. Our Lady of the Lilies Art 2. Star of the Sea Print 3. Embroidery Mosaic Jesse Tree Ornaments 4. Christmas Madonna Print 5. Be Happy in the Moment Artwork 6. Nativity Magnets 7. Clay Nativity Figurine 8. Wall Rosary 9. Thankful Sign 10. Catholic Tile Art 11. Love Begins at Home Artwork 12. Peace Ornament 13. Mary & Joseph 14. Marian Print 15. St. Catherine of Siena Print 16. St. Augustine Quote 17. Our Lady of Fatima Print 18. Liturgical Calendar 19. Fiat Artwork 20. O Come Emmanuel Print


Lovelies for the Ladies:

  1. Stella Maris Bangle 2. Starfish Project Jewelry 3. Mother Teresa Necklace 4. Miraculous Medal Necklace 5. Raising Them for Heaven Shirt 6. Blessed is She Shirt 7. Zipper Pouch 8. Fatima Tee 9. Mahogany Rosary 10. Dialogue Books 11. Swarovski Rosary 12. Felt Rosary 13. Rosary Bracelet 14. Saint Cozy 15. Autism Awareness Rosary 16. Chantilly Lace Mantilla 17. Mary Mug


Gems for the Guys:

  1. Hematite & Gun Metal Rosary 2. Handmade Wooden Icon 3. WW1 Battle Rosary 4. St. Peregrine Chaplet 5. Sacrifice Bead Bracelet 6. Sacred Heart Leather Keychain 7. Bible Verse Cuff 8. Brass & Jasper Rosary 9. Rosary Cuff 10. Prayer Book for Couples


All For the Kids:

  1. Making Little Saints Peg Doll 2. American Girl Marian Necklace 3. Custom Birth Announcement Pillow 4. Chewable Rosary 5. Mother Teresa Peg Doll 6. Stocking Cap 7. Stella Maris T-Shirt 8. Felt Finger Puppets 9. Priest Peg Doll 10. Superhero Cape 11. Superhero Pouches 12. Wooden Rosary 13. Christmas Bow 14. Holy Family Peg People 15. Angel Swaddle Blanket 16. Lego Mass Kit 17. Zelie & Louis 18. Christmas Book 19. Saints T-Shirt 20. Blessed Mother Doll 21. Ingalls Family Peg Dolls 22. Our Lady of Guadalupe Hair Bow 23. St. Cecilia Doll 24. Lego Rosary 25.Twirl Dress


Subscription Boxes:

1. Catholic T-Shirt Club 2. The Mass Box



For our fantastic giveaway, we have decided to do something a little different this year. Instead of giving away each prize individually, we will have THREE grand prize winners who will win a prize bundle from our wonderful sponsors!


Prize Bundle #1

Turquoise Blue and Black Blended Czech Crystal Five Decade Rosary Bracelet with Silver tone Crucifix and Miraculous Medal

from Julie Lutz

Gorgeous turquoise blue and black blended genuine Czech Crystal 8 mm beaded Five Decade Rosary Bracelet with silver-tone flower “Our Father” barrel and rondelle beads and adorned with a 1″ Italian silver tone crucifix and 7/8″ silver tone miraculous medal. Beautiful statement piece rosary bracelet with tones of blue, brown, golden yellow and black that come through the light ocean blue crystal beads. Julie Lutz creates and designs Catholic five-decade rosary bracelets to be a full and complete rosary in a wrap bracelet, handmade with the highest quality in affordable materials and ready to be blessed as a sacramental to support you and those you love in their Faith!


Grace Upon Grace Coffee Cozy

from The Cozy Wife

Grace upon grace hand-crocheted coffee cozy. Dress up your coffee cup in Christian style, all while keeping your hot drink hot and your cold drink cold.


Nativity Peg Doll Set

from Treasured Saint Dolls

Woodburned and painted peg doll set – handmade and sealed!


“Bishop Box” from Catholic T-Shirt Club Subscription

from Catholic T-Shirt Club

Includes a T-Shirt and 4-6 Sacramentals such as rosaries, scapulars, holy cards, and more. Each subscription to a Bishop Box includes a surprise Catholic-themed T-Shirt along with 4-6 Sacramentals to match the theme! Each month is a new theme, a new opportunity to learn about the faith, and a chance to evangelize with what you wear!


Little Catholic Clubhouse and the True Meaning of Christmas

from Little Catholic Clubhouse

The very first adventure for our Clubhouse members is to discover the True Meaning of Christmas. When Pete receives a gift from his grandmother, his reaction is not what his mother would want it to be. Being told he does not understand the “true meaning of Christmas,” Pete uses the power of the clubhouse team to find the answer. Under the guidance of Father Q, Pete and the Clubhouse members travel back in time to the Nativity to find the answer.
Beautifully illustrated on every page, kids and adults alike will learn the story of Christmas, the reason why we give gifts, and how we should appreciate the gifts we receive today. Full-size illustrations the size of a magazine, give kids 25 pages that bring them into the story immediately. Every child will enjoy this story throughout the year, but especially during the Christmas season.

Raising Them for Heaven T-Shirt

from A Merry Nest

St. Zelie, Mother of St. Therese of Lisieux, the famous Catholic French Carmelite nun, said, “I wish to have many children so that I could raise them for Heaven.” Echo Saint Zelie’s sentiment towards your own children with this lovely tee: “Raising Them for Heaven.”


Our Lady of Fatima Print designed by Brooke Strauss

from Visual Litany

Original design by Brooke Strauss to celebrate the Centennial Year of the apparitions of Fatima. This print measures 8.5″ x 11″, making it easy to frame and gift!


One deck of Super Saints quizzing cards; $20 gift certificate for Catholic Craft Kit PDFs

from Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families

One deck of 54 Super Saints quizzing cards (beautifully illustrated with quick and quantifiable facts to play actual card games!); $20 gift certificate at for Catholic Craft Kit PDFs (choice of over 40 Saint, Sacrament, Catechism and Prayer Craft Kits)!


$25 Shop Credit

from Telos Art Shop

Store credit is valid on the main shop website: liturgical calendar, jewelry, and art.


Decade Rosary Cuff

from Bay & Bee’s

6”x1/4” aluminum (hypoallergenic) hand stamped decade rosary cuff.


Prize Bundle #2


Advent & Christmas Printable Pack

from TrendZilly

Advent/Christmas Printable Pack – includes Happy Birthday Jesus Toppers, Stickers, Christmas Decoration Gift Tags, Advent Wreath, Christmas Graphics.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Bow & Book Set

from Hairbows 4 Life

This book & bow set includes: A book by Father Lovasik on the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a prayer card and a bow with a silver oxidized medal of Our Lady of Guadalupe made in Italy on a boutique hair bow.


Swarovski Crystal Pocket Rosary

from Rosaries by Allison


Gold plate Our Lady of Guadalupe pocket rosary with Swarovski crystal pearls in “Potpourri” and Fern Green crystal round beads (custom piece for the giveaway!)


Our Lady of Fatima 11×14 art print signed by artist & Prayer Cards

from Dovetail Ink

Hand-drawn, watercolor illustration of Our Lady of Fatima & the children of the apparition. Included are prayer cards for your whole family!


Linen Embroidered Rosary Case featuring Saint Francis

from Salem Studio

Linen Embroidered Rosary Case featuring St. Francis of Assisi.


St. Thomas Aquinas Hand Painted Peg Doll

from Little Faithful Friend

These hand painted wooden peg dolls are a wonderful way for children to learn to see the Saints as their friends. Unbreakable dolls feature amicable faces and Catholic symbolism. Each doll is coated with non-toxic varnish to hold up to child’s play.


A $25 gift coupon to Maria’s Mantillas

from Maria’s Mantillas


This gift coupon can be used towards any purchase over $25 in Maria’s Mantillas Etsy shop, or any custom mantilla as long as it is purchased through Etsy.  (Expires July 1, 2018)


Mary’s “Fiat” Car Magnet

from Just Love Prints

Celebrate “Fiat” or Mary’s “Yes” to God with this durable, high-quality car magnet. Can be used on a refrigerator or other magnetic surface too!


Set of Encouragement Note Cards

from Annunciation Designs

This set of 4 notecards and envelopes is perfect for sending a little note to a friend.  The hand-lettered Bible passage is framed by a gorgeous purple watercolor wash.


Choice size DAYBOOK planner

small 5.5×8.5 or large 8.5×11

from Catholic Sistas

Custom cover you can color, pages for doodling, EF and OF feast days and daily Scripture readings are but a few of the highlights in this one of a kind Catholic planner!

Prize Bundle #3


Choice of Holy Hair Bow

from Abigail A Artistry/Holy Hair Bows

Winner can select one of any of the Hair Bows with medal!


Custom Wall Rosary

from Lily Joy Designs

1 custom wall rosary made of either felt balls or wood beads and an accent bead of choice, winner chooses the colors/materials.


Box of Ten Christmas Cards

from Sister Moon Graphics

This is a beautiful package of ten 5×7 Christmas cards, of one of our most popular designs: “She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them at the inn.” The inside greeting says “Wishing you the peace of that holy night and joy in the coming year.”


A Collection of Prayers for Catholic Couples and
Conversation Cards for Catholic Couples

from Kris Cross

*A Collection of prayers for Catholic Couples
This is a unique prayer book for Catholic couples, now available in English and Spanish.  The attack on the Sacrament of Matrimony is intense and prayer is the best defense!  This book is intended to bring couples together, offering a variety of prayers for various stages of marriage, along with wisdom from the saints. 64 pages.
*Conversation Cards for Catholic Couples
Use these conversation cards as a tool to enrich your relationship! Whether you are trying to improve the strength of your relationship or reconnect with your spouse, these cards combine a variety of topics to provide couples with an opportunity to grow closer. Each deck contains 50 cards. Also available in English and Spanish.


Set of Ten Shining Light Dolls

from Shining Light Dolls

Set of ten newest Shining Light Dolls- St. Hildegard of Bingen, St. Cecilia, St. Rose of Lima, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Pope John Paul II, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Raphael the Archangel, St. Gabriel the Archangel, Our Lady of Vailankanni.


Love Like Mary Mug

from Sancta Bovina

Modern Catholic mug with a daily reminder to live like a saint — even if it takes some caffeination first to get started. 11 oz pink mug with gold message saying ” Pray like Therese. Serve like Gianna. Fight like Joan. Love like Mary.” From (Holy Cow in Latin!) who makes modern Catholic gifts.


8.5oz Scented Candle

from St. Lucy’s Candle Co.

St. Lucy’s Candle Co soy wax scented candle in a scent of the winners choice.  Each candle is handmade and hand poured and comes in a tumbler jar with bronze lid.  


One Zazick Designs LEGO Rosary

from Zazick Designs

Giveaway is a lime green, blue & dark gray rosary made from new LEGO® bricks!


St. Catherine of Siena Print

from Sweet Little Ones Shop

An 8×10 print of St. Catherine of Siena’s quote “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire”.


3 Months of The Mass Box Kit
from The Mass Box

The Mass Box gets everything you need to do crafts themed to the Sunday and Holy Day readings with your 4 to 8-year-old kids with zero prep time! It even includes a webisode show to show how to make and discuss the crafts, a magazine with the readings, instructions, and activities, and all the specialized craft materials delivered straight to your door every month! The giveaway is 3 months of the Mass Box One Child Kit (December to February – a $75 value including shipping within the USA, can be sent directly to a recipient as a gift).


* Winners will be drawn randomly using Rafflecopter. CS will email the winners. Once they confirm they will be publicly announced on the blog. 
* Winner is responsible for contacting the sponsor of the prize they won in order to work out details of delivery.
* Eligibility: Prizes are available to residents of the U.S.A. only, unless otherwise stated.
* Catholic Sistas reserves the right to alter the giveaway terms or items at any time.
* This giveaway is not associated with Facebook.
* The companies who have donated these items are solely responsible for delivering prizes. We trust and have a solid relationship with each sponsor of this giveaway; however, sometimes things happen outside our control. We are simply hosting the giveaway and putting the winners in contact with the sponsors; it is up to them to follow through, and CS cannot be held liable for a prize not delivered.
* Giveaway ends promptly at 8:00pm CST on November 12, 2017.

Thank you so much for reading; this blog wouldn’t exist without YOU! Good luck!

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