Stations of the Cross Easter Eggs

Stations of the Cross Egg Craft

Lent is almost here!  Can you believe in less than two weeks we will be starting our journey with Christ to the cross? 

I love Lent.  As a convert, I have grown to love the things that I never previously understood, like fasting on Fridays, making sacrifices to offer up, and the stations of the cross.  Once I started taking our children to the stations, they quickly became a favorite.  To be able to concentrate and re-live Christ’s passion is moving beyond words.  I still cannot make it through the stations with out my voice wavering or tears falling.  With several small children in tow it has become harder to make the weekly stations and this year plan on doing a few weeks at home with our newborn before gearing up and joining the group at church.  With that in mind, I started researching sacred art stations of the cross images and thought making them on eggs would be a nice decorative feature in our home to help keep the Easter theme focused on Christ.

Supplies Needed

This project took me about an hour to complete.  Here are the supplies you need:

PDF StationOfTheCrossTo Print

(15) Wooden Egg Holders

(15) Wooden Eggs

Gold Craft Paint

Gold Spray Paint

Blue Egg Paint (I used Aqua spray paint, but a chalk paint would be lovely too!)

Modge Podge


(1) Large and (1) Small/Fine Paint Brush

Sharpie Marker to number the bottoms of eggs if desiredCut out Christ Images

First, cut out your Christ images for the stations.  This particular set included a risen Christ for a fifteenth egg and I thought He would be nice to include on Easter morning!  Be sure and cut just inside the image so no white paper edges show.

Spray Bottoms of Eggs

Paint the bottoms of your eggs next.  If you use spray paint like

I did, an egg carton helps hold your eggs upside down for a quick job.

 Spray Egg Holders

Spray the tops and bottoms of the egg holders.  These covered really well and only took one coat.

Spray Egg Tops

Spray the tops and sides of your eggs on a flat surface. 

Remember to use multiple light coats so you don’t get any paint runs. 

Modge Podge Step 1

Use Modge Podge to coat both your egg and the back side of your image.

Modge Podge Step 2

Coat the face of the image once applied to the egg with a heavy coat of Modge Podge.  Now you will need to get your hands dirty and fit the flat paper to the curved surface.  There will be some wrinkles that you have to flatten on.  I placed my finger over Christ’s face to protect it from any lines and pressed the remainder down to fit.  This is NOT an exercise in perfection.  You will have creases in the paper on your final egg.  😉  I had to tell myself that several times over.

 Gold Paint on Image

Here is where the fine paint brush and gold acrylic paint come in.  I hand painted the halo on each egg to add significance and detail to Christ. 

Complete Set of Stations of the Cross Eggs

The complete set really is beautiful… imperfections and all!  The children and I will enjoy having these to look at daily and for when we get them down to do our own stations at home.

Eggs on Display

For now the eggs will reside above my kitchen sink because I love having something to look at while I do my least favorite household chore, dishes.  I would also like to add something that hangs from above. 

Do you have any ideas for me? 





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