Splendid Sundays

Did you know that through all Masses offered, nearly the entire Bible is covered in the three year cycle of readings?

As part of our blogging schedule, we have agreed as a group that we will not be doing individual blog posts on Sundays. However, we do want to keep discussion going, so we will be posting about Mass and our obligations on Sundays. Don’t worry, we’re set to auto-post so we can enjoy family time, too. 🙂

Sunday readings hold different meaning for different people. Inevitably some part of Scripture or a certain place during Mass jumps out at someone, giving them something they needed at that precise time.

What was memorable for you today? Did the kids behave? Did you find forgiveness in something you had been holding onto for a while? Did you marvel at the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ? Anything of particular importance you want to share with us? We’d love to hear how Mass impacts your life.

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  1. As a child in the early 60’s when The Mass was celebrated in Latin and the Priest faced the altar which was with his back to the congregation I have always been fascinated with Mass. Always wondering what is he doing up there and not fully understanding the sacrifice of Jesus for many years to come…..and still wondering sometimes, “What is He doing up there?”(on that cross)And of course I now know that He is up there on that cross as the Ultimate Gift.

    So, for me the most important and memorable part of Mass is always the Consecration. Our prayers are most powerful during this event during Mass and I specifically ask during the Consecration of the bread into the Body of Christ for the end of abortion, euthanasia, assisted death and capital death …..all desecration of the body…..

    During the Consecration of wine into the Precious Blood of Christ I ask for blessings on Holy Mother Church, Holy Father the Pope, wisdom for our world leaders and protection for our children and elderly. I know God hears my prayers but there is just something about this Holy event during the Mass and the Consecration is truly a Holy Event…..bringing much inner Peace.

    The Gospels and Homily are always Holy Food as well and are always moving and teaching me. And in the past year having been asked to join in being a Eucharistic Minister helping to distribute The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, participating in Mass is an even more fulfilling knowledge and understanding of what the Consecration and the Real Meaning of doing what Jesus asked of us after he made the Ultimate Sacrifice.

    This part of the Mass stays with us and leaves with us after Mass has ended. It is Holy Insurance to armor ourselves with; to help forge our way through the most unholy days of obligation and to stay close to God in our Faith in knowing that we are experiencing Truth….. and to take that Truth and live Holy lives; exemplary real lives in His Grace.

    We couldn’t want for more….we have been given everything in that Perfect, Supreme Sacrifice and we are fortunate to be able to experience it every day….

    Peace & Hope

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