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Y’all know how crazy things get at the beginning of the school year, right? So, why do we release the Academic so daggone early (July 2018)?? Who the heck is thinking of buying a planner that starts in July in April??

Well, for those who need their planner to start before the madness begins, this planner is perfect. Even if YOU aren’t super organized, guess what? I have taken a LOT of the guesswork out of your purchase decision.

How? Welp, I’m a mom of seven, we homeschool a few, and send a few others to two different school districts around town. I spend a lot of time in the car driving and toting little people around. Then I get home and have to start up the chores and crack the whip to get homeschooling started. So, I feel ya. You need a planner that delivers a LOT, looks AMAZING, and most of all isn’t too fussy. Lots of open space for YOU to designate the pages however YOU decide works for YOUR life. Notice a theme? I want the planner to function best for you!

Also, you need your Catholic planner to be – yup. Catholic. We’ve totes got you covered there, too. Old calendar, new calendar, feast days, readings, Ember Days, novena and popular feast day reminders so you don’t forget to plan that grocery store trip all proper – I got ya, friend! You’ll even notice ALL kinds of original content exclusive to DAYBOOK that no other Catholic planner offers, like our Christmas Shopping Challenge, our birthday and anniversary lists, as well as our gift guide. Did I mention our Spiritual Sketch and Spiritual Growth Diary? Click to get all the details!

Lastly, it’s cost effective! I offer free shipping. Because who needs the hassle of paining over a purchase, only to notice you have to spend another two handfuls of dollars to ship it! Y’all head on over to Monica’s store (Dovetail Ink) on Etsy to see the rest of her amazing work. This year’s cover art theme is scholarly women saints. The symbols and who they go with revealed inside your DAYBOOK. ~ Martina




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