REVIEW: Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

REVIEW: Catechism of the Seven Sacraments


Catechism of the Seven Sacraments by Kevin and Mary O’Neill





What do LEGO® bricks and the sacraments have in common? Well, they’re both used to build things – toy structures and holiness, to be exact. They have different forms and instructions; require time and commitment. They happen to comprise the contents of a new book by a young Catholic father and mother of seven, and publishing and promoting this book is StoryTel Foundation’s next big project.

Like so many families, Mary and Kevin O’Neill had a love/hate relationship with these classic bricks. Their kids loved the toy and had books illustrated with LEGO. But when a favorite Bible book illustrated with the toy turned out to have questionable interpretaions, Kevin and Mary decided to literally take matters into their own hands.

StoryTel is delighted to share the O’Neill story and to help bring their wonderful book to the world.

Join your friendly guides Fulton and Cynthia on a biblical adventure as they journey from creation to salvation and discover the importance of God’s sanctifying grace. Set in a vivid comic-book format with stunning photographs, this book makes profound theological concepts accessible to both the Catholic and the curious, the child and the adult.

Following Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s teachings on Covenant Theology, this book sheds light on the parallels between the Old Testament and the New Testament and the sacraments instituted by Christ that we experience today. Readers will develop a deeper understanding of salvation history, discover how to participate in God’s covenant, and learn how to obtain grace through the sacraments, which are essential on our lifelong journey to the Eternal Promised Land.


$34.95 (free shipping for the month of July 2018)


  • hardcover
  • 8.5″x11″
  • 291 pages
  • printed by StoryTel Press
  • photo images throughout
  • comic book style storytelling
  • use of Legos to depict salvation history and sacraments
  • glossary of terms used from Father John Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary


I knew this was a book for the Catholic domestic Church arsenal when my 10-year-old son was drawn to it like a moth to the light. It had all the hallmarks perfect for a Catholic kiddo. Sacraments – check. Photo illustrated pages – check. Comic style storytelling – check. Use of Legos – check, Check, CHECK! 

Because it follows salvation history, it does not follow the order of sacraments as we are used to: sacraments of initiation, such as Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, and so on. It starts with the Eucharist and parallels the Old Testament and the New Testament. This is why we see the first sacrament explained as the Eucharist. It talks about the institution of the Passover and its connection to the Eucharist. You’ll also find extra nuggets of faith building, such as an explanation of the rosary and the mysteries and prayers that go along with it, or an explanation of the difference between mortal and venial sins, how to make a good Confession, the fruits of the Holy Spirit, spiritual and corporal works of mercy, and so much more.

When the story moves to something new, you will notice the page has labels. This makes it a great teaching tool in addition to fun reading for the kiddos. I can see this as a great tool for homeschooling, supplementing your children’s parish faith formation at home, or even for catechists who are looking for a tool that will help salvation history come to life.

Lastly, I think the creativity used in explaining the maternal Elizabeth and Mary is absolutely adorable. You can tell the O’Neill family put their thinking caps on when deciding how best to depict each person and scene in the Bible. 


REVIEW: Catechism of the Seven Sacraments1

Sections of the book have labels – this next section is “The Passover”

REVIEW: Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

The use of the legos to depict both Mary and Elizabeth “with child” is absolutely adorable and creative!


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