President Obama, LET US BE CATHOLICS!

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As this newly minted Lent marches toward its first Sunday, I am refreshed from these few days of following my Rehab PROMISES. Although it has been more of a struggle than I would have thought, my Friday was faithful in adherence to these self imposed rules. I did begin to appreciate the quiet that comes from leaving all things electronic behind – or at least only using them for moral obligations.

One thing that I will not let rest, however, is my pursuit of justice for the unborn. In that vein, one of my friends sent an email to me that contained a link to the following video. You would have to live under a rock not to be familiar with what the Obama Administration, guided by Kathleen Sebelius, is trying to do to religious liberty under the guise of ‘healthcare’. His unholy tyranny is truly a frightening thing to behold and solidifies our belief that the devil is certainly at play on this earth.

Our reassurance comes from finding that there are true warriors for the Gospel out there in our churches, who will stand ready to fight! One such champion of our Mother Church is Father Sammie Maletta, who delivered a Homily at St. John the Evangelist Parish in St. John, Indiana. As the description on YouTube states, “(t)his Homily addressed how President Obama is threatening our Religious Freedom and declaring war with the Catholic Church.”

I, for one, feel totally invigorated when I hear such a homily from one of our priests. It makes me proud and also brings an urgency to share and encourage more of this type of strong conviction! Give a listen and see if you don’t feel the same…and then pass it on. Perhaps even to a priest, who might find this to be just the nudge to declare his passion as well!

God bless Fr. Maletta for standing strong!

 “In the United States, religious liberty does not depend on the benevolence of who is regulating us. It is our ‘first freedom’ and respect for it must be broad and inclusive-not narrow and exclusive. Catholics and other people of faith and good will are not second class citizens. And it is not for the government to decide which of our ministries is ‘religious enough’ to warrant religious freedom protection.” -Cardinal Timothy Dolan

President Obama, LET US BE CATHOLICS!

On February 5, 2012 Father Sammie Maletta delivered a Homily at St. John the Evangelist Parish in St. John, Indiana.  Please take a few moments to listen. No one sums it up quite like Father Maletta..

Go to to fight the HHS Mandate.


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  1. I finally had a chance to sit and listen to this homily. It’s stunning because of the blunt honesty that Father Maletta speaks with in regard to the real purpose behind this mandate. Our current administration doesn’t care if their policies wreak havoc for the health care industry, because that is precisely what they are trying to do! They are simply laying the groundwork for their real goal, which is to restructure American society. This is what happens to a nation when its leaders no longer recognize their dependence on God. This is a political fight on the surface, but the real battle is spiritual, and it can’t be won without prayer and sacrifice.

  2. Praise God………..that you are a warrior for Him and His innocents ones.. we are in a spiritual war and we need to stand together for Christ and the innocent. I will pray that more will join His army and that the clergy will follow your example Father Maletta. Bless you for your courage to stand for Christ.

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