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  1. These five Catholic book reviewers have some lovely things to say about my YA novel, Black Bottle Man:

    Karen Ullo: “Black Bottle Man is the very best kind of Catholic fiction: it weaves a Catholic worldview into the fabric of its being, creating a story that is resplendent with grace without ever needing to preach.” “This story is wild, ridiculous, serious fun… But scratch the surface just a little and layers of new meaning begin to emerge.”

    Julie Davis: “What a treat to be almost at the end of the year and read a book that instantly leapt to the top of my 2017 favorites list. I finished it and wanted to give a copy to everyone I knew who loves a good folk tale, a good deal-with-the-devil tale, good historical fiction, or (most of all) a story that speaks to the reader on several levels.”

    Sarah Reinhard for the National Catholic Register: “The first chapter hooked me in, and the rest was a blur as I curled up to finish it.”

    Caitlin Bootsma for UCatholic: “Perfect for anyone looking for a novel to escape into on a cold winter day or even to read aloud with teens or older children.”

    Cat Hodge: “The story is told in a wonderfully plainspoken Midwestern voice, rich in the sounds and smells and the feel of the land… And there is love too – the love of husbands for their wives, the love of the old for the young, and the new, electric love of a teenage boy who knows he can never stay near his girl long enough to form a family of his own.”

    Published by Great Plains:

    I hope it may be worthy of your consideration for a review.

    Best wishes,
    Craig Russell, B.A., LLB.
    Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

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