Planned Parenthood’s Chillingly Efficient Side Business: Selling Aborted Baby Parts

WARNING: This post contains graphic subject matter that may disturb some readers. Personal discretion is advised.

PPhoodBy now, you may have seen articles (even by mainstream media outlets) about a controversial video involving a high-level Planned Parenthood executive. The video, which is available here, shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood’s medical services department describing how the organization works with companies that “order” fetal body parts. She admits that Planned Parenthood providers will even vary their techniques to ensure specific organs aren’t damaged during the abortion and says that certain organs are constantly in demand. 

Planned Parenthood is, of course, insisting that the video was “heavily edited” specifically to damage its reputation, but several pro-life members of Congress are nonetheless calling for an investigation into whether the abortion giant is selling aborted baby parts for profit.

I watched the video; it is absolutely chilling to see Nucatola casually drink wine and eat salad in a nice restaurant while describing how it’s just a matter of crushing the right part of the unborn child to keep from damaging his liver, heart, and lungs so they can be sold to companies. According to Nucatola:

1. Planned Parenthood’s abortionists start the day with a list of desired organs. It’s clear from the abortionists’ specific procurement goals–“always as many intact livers as possible”–that these requests are coming from third parties.

2. The abortionists will often adapt their procedures to ensure harvesting success. Based on the list, they’ll “crush here, but not there” when aborting the baby, she says. 

3. The abortionist tries to keep specific organs/parts from being damaged: “livers, hearts, lungs, lower extremities.” 

According to Planned Parenthood, doctors only obtain fetal parts when patients request to donate their aborted tissue to science. I find it highly doubtful that women seeking abortions are specifically requesting that the abortionist work around their baby’s heart, liver, lungs, or (more gruesomely) “lower extremities” during the abortion. Or that so many women are asking for this that Planned Parenthood has such an efficient system in place to honor their requests. 

pphoodIt doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines, either. Based on Nucatola’s statements, we can reasonably conclude that:

1. There’s a market for aborted baby parts. Disturbingly, there appears to be plenty of individuals, organizations, and companies looking for aborted fetal parts. So many, in fact, that Planned Parenthood execs needed to consult its legal department about whether it can openly serve as a middle-man without bad publicity.

2. This is a deliberate, planned, selective harvesting of fetal organs and parts. It’s not at all a case of someone sifting through the day’s tissue remains for undamaged organs that can be donated. 

3. Late-term abortions are fairly common at Planned Parenthood. Think about it: For a child to have organs large enough to be harvested, it has to be fairly well developed; these are NOT very early, first-trimester “clumps of cells” being harvested here, but identifiable and retrievable organs. How else would they be able to meet the demand for “as many intact livers as possible” unless they’re regularly performing 2nd trimester (or later) abortions?

4. Planned Parenthood abortionists frequently ignore the 2003 federal law banning partial-birth abortion. Nucatola describes how the abortionist can actually turn the baby around so that it emerges feet first. With the body delivered but the head still in the birth canal, she then suctions out the skull to cause death. The benefit, of course, being that the torso is undamaged and the majority of fetal organs are intact for harvesting. Clearly, this is the partial-birth abortion procedure and it’s illegal.

Abortion proponents insist that Planned Parenthood is only harvesting fetal body parts and organs to ensure that what would otherwise just get thrown away gets put to good use. Just so we’re clear, Planned Parenthood:

  • gives its abortionists a daily quota of specific organs to harvest,
  • instructs its providers to alter their abortion procedures so the greatest number of intact organs can be harvested,
  • stores and then ships fetal parts so frequently it has regular purchasers of the items, and
  • charges $30-$100 “per specimen” for the harvested fetal parts.

All that is done for purely altruistic motives and NOT to generate more profit? RIGHT. 

If you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell you in Brooklyn…

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