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Suffering in Running Brings us Closer to Christ

Suffering in Running Brings us Closer to Christ

Christ had a passionate journey that ultimately led to the world’s salvation. Sit with that for a minute.Read more »

And with One Bite Gods Plan Unfolds

And With One Bite, God’s Plan Unfolds

This anxiety is real and bringing it to the table, literally, opens up a door for prayer. In researching the word anxiety, I found itRead more »

Behind the Cinder Blocks, jail, ministry, corporal works of mercy,

Behind the Cinder Blocks…

I was under the impression that I would be be praying with the inmates through a screen of some sort. Imagine the look on my face when IRead more »

The Blessing of Annulment

UNYOKED: The Blessing of Annulment

The preceding breakdown of a marriage, the final break down that led to the divorce, and the aftermath can leave a person of faith feelingRead more »

Unless He's Addicted

…Unless He’s Addicted

I yelled at God. I prayed that he let me die. Then I prayed that he make my husband die. God clearly did not want my husband to die, but itRead more »

Lenten Lessons Learned

Lenten Lessons Learned

Rounding out Day Seven of Lent, I saw a tiny note scribbled in the margin: “Progress, not perfection.” I know I am not alone in feelingRead more »

It Takes A Village

It Takes a Village

“How am I ever going to teach them enough, challenge them enough, and nurture them enough to help them grow into the well-rounded, capable,Read more »

In Defence of the Man with One Talent

In Defence of the Man with One Talent

I have always felt a certain affinity for the Man with One Talent. I am fortunate to have been blessed with decent brains and a gift forRead more »

My Sofa and MyLife,, growing old gracefully

My Sofa and My Life

Life will take its digs at us, and we will become weatherworn, some of us more so than others. But it doesn’t take away from who we are. InRead more »

Lent & Confession: Growing Closer to Christ

Lent & Confession: Growing Closer to Christ

I was once told to pray for the person I was struggling to like and respect. I didn’t want to pray for them, but I grudgingly undertookRead more »

When You Say You Love Me

When You Say You Love Me

We humans have a significant handicap when it comes to love. Our fallen human nature will forever prohibit us from being able toRead more »

Overcome: Keeping Faith with a Disability

OVERCOME: Keeping Faith with a Disability

A disability manifests itself in a person in a variety of different ways. Yet all people with disabilities want to be loved, welcomed andRead more »

The Ask: Struggling with NFP

If you’re not already working with an instructor who specializes in your NFP method of choice, now would be a good time to find one. IfRead more »

A Modern Day Miracle

A Modern Day Miracle

Faith’s back curved looked like a slithering snake, 50 degrees, then 48 degrees, and ending with another 28-degree curve.  She was facing aRead more »

What Are Ember Days?

What Are Ember Days?

I’ve been a Catholic for over 20 years and it’s just been recently that I’ve heard of Ember Days. I’m not sure if it’s because theRead more »

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