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You just. don’t. know.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You sit down in the pew before Mass starts, you pull down the kneeler and begin to say your prayers.Read more »

Why We Love All These Saints

STOP! We know today is a Holy Day of Obligation, yes? Do not pass go, do not collect $200, get thee to Mass! Okay, moving on. Happy happyRead more »

Get thee to Mass tomorrow! All Saint’s is a Holy Day of Obligation…

A recent discussion in our group uncovered that one member’s church had advertised All Saint’s Day not as a Holy Day ofRead more »

All Soul’s Day

Some people love Christmas best, others find great happiness in Easter, but my favorite Religous Day is All Souls Day and my favorite timeRead more »

That They May All Be One

Jesus prays we would be one before He is arrested. John 17:20-24 Jesus prayed that we would be one, with the same singularity of theRead more »

Splendid Sundays: Readings Reflection

Today’s Mass Readings, with a reflection below.  Scripture added in brackets denotes it was not included for today’s selections, but I haveRead more »

Congratulations to Rebecca, winner of the bows!

Rebecca is the winner of the bows for this last giveaway! Congratulations Rebecca! You will be receiving THREE bows from Pepita Bananas,Read more »

Becoming a Soldier of Christ

This weekend (October 29th) my Godson, Gabe, will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, thus becoming a Soldier of Christ. I want toRead more »

History teaches, but will anyone listen?

One of the great deficiencies in education over the past few decades is the failure to teach history. The ignorance among the young isRead more »

Eleventy billion quips you’ll hear about your large family

{please read ONLY if you have a sense of humor kthxbai}     Ok, so maybe not eleventy BILLION quips, but it’ll sure feel that wayRead more »

A Call to Mission

Howdy, Catholic Sistas readers. Lauren Garcia, here, a FOCUS Missionary at the University of Texas-Austin. I’m so happy to be contributingRead more »

Jesus Take The Wheel

I think that this month we have done an excellent job of covering the Life Issues here at Catholic Sistas.  Many times when weRead more »

Saints for Life

The Communion of Saints During this Respect Life month I started thinking about the saints and which ones I would most identify with theRead more »

Splendid Sundays

Did you know that through Sunday Mass, nearly the entire Bible is covered in the three year cycle of readings? As part of our bloggingRead more »

Bald, Pregnant, and Living

Click this photo, my hand-drawn logo, to see more of my story. “You have breast cancer,” the surgeon deadpanned. I glanced atRead more »

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