October Planner and Printables

Are you one for trends? I’m not much of a trend follower myself. But I do admit that I’m a bit head-over-heels for the planner and journaling craze that has taken over lately. I love a good planner to stay organized and help me to keep things going smoothly. It is a fun way to delve more deeply into the faith, as well. Since I’m using my planner daily, it is a great and convenient way to creatively journal and purposefully plan in a faith-based way. In fact, I’m quite taken with the idea of making it a Catholic “thing”. To be honest, though, the Church is way ahead in the planning department…and we, as the faithful community, should catch up!

The church recently, (within the last 50 years that is), made it so that during the Liturgical year(s) we cycle through the Holy Scriptures. We also have been given themes for each month of the year. (October is the Month of the Holy Rosary.) There are also permanent feast days, days when we have certain observances, and times when we focus on particular attributes like during the Year of Mercy. We have a built-in system of learning and growing in our faith if we can pay attention. Incorporating our faith into our life planning seems only natural. There are many faith-based and bible based planning and journaling websites out there that are doing a beautiful job of incorporating scripture in a fun and thoughtful way. My thought was that bringing into it a more purposeful Catholic theme, (with info about saints, feast days, etc), is one more step in which we can learn and grow. After all, the Church has such a deep, rich, and diverse way of enriching our lives and growing in love with Jesus. Just look at the different cultures of the saints, the different ways of celebrating Liturgy (ie, the different Rites), and the vastness of our faith-culture!

The Catholic Sistas DAYBOOK is a beautiful blank canvas for planning, journaling, and growing in our faith. I’ve whipped up some cute little printable items that can be used to help begin fostering that purposeful growth in our faith-life and Catholic Culture. But it doesn’t have to be a planner that you use. You could use a simple blank journal or notebook. I use mine because it is organized and convenient. I can look back and see everything in one spot, to include some Scripture from the daily readings that I may have felt pertained to my circumstances, or a saint that I learned about on a particular day who I felt had lived in a way I could learn from.

My hope is to have more fun and useful printable items for you in the future. It gives me a great sense of purpose to be able to use my talent and time to serve the community. These journaling printables are a lot of fun for me to create. If you have ideas for theme’s, or any ideas at all, I would love to hear them!

You can download the printables for your own personal use at the following link.

October Rosary Printable

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