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Merry Christmas from Catholic Sistas

Rejoice greatly, born today 

For whom the world was yearning.

In the arms of Mary the being is from Heaven,

A divine baby in the lap of a virgin.

Simple shepherd, come closer,

Look on your God with great joy.

 He does not rest in bright light,

Does not have velvet pillows.

Only straw, fit for beggars,

His only heat is the breath of beasts.

 Simple shepherd, stay on your knees,

Because this is the king of Heaven and Earth! 

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

By Alessandra

Though I am a cradle Catholic, I was a little lost sheep for sometime. Thankfully, I found my way in December of my Junior year of High school. I now write from the NE USA, where I live with my husband, a convert, and five young children. I have a Master of Science in Reading Education. In 2008, after more than fifteen years in the education field, I “retired” to begin a new career as full time mommy and home educator--a world I felt so foreign to--but now have embraced it as a total lifestyle for my clan.