A Memorial to Our Children

oct15_bannerToday we recognize the children that we never got to know. Those that we only knew of for a short time, maybe held briefly, and loved with all our being. The women of Catholic Sistas are no strangers to miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. For Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day we thought we would take some time to memorialize all the children we as a group have lost. Following is the list of names of our children who are no longer with us but, through God’s mercy, are in heaven praying for us. Please share in the comment the names of any children you have lost so we can remember your children as well.

Baby names 1Baby names 2Baby names 3Baby names 4

Dearest Lord, thank you for giving us precious time with our children. We may never understand why our time could not be longer, but we trust in your goodness and in your mercy. We pray that our children are in Heaven and basking in Your heavenly glory. Help us Lord to continue to trust in You and to live a holy life so that one day we may be reunited in Your Kingdom with our precious children. Amen.

Please share in the comments the names of your children so we can add them to our prayers. Thank you and may God bless you today and always.

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80 Replies to “A Memorial to Our Children”

  1. Thank you for this…

    Hannah Elizabeth, August 15 2003
    Dominic Laurence, July 4, 2004

  2. Thank you for this today and for your site.

    Sarah and Ruth V., June 24, 2011
    Francis V., March 19, 2013

  3. My son, John Paul Ward June 7th, 2014
    My brother, Jonathan Ray Youmans Jr. Dec. 2009
    My sister, Jeanette Corin Youmans Jan. 13 2011 – Jan. 19 2011
    And my Nephew, Jacob Michael Youmans July 2013- September 2013

  4. Baby Gregory Sommer – Sept 2003
    Baby Kateri Sommer – July 2010
    Baby Rose Sommer – December 2010

  5. God bless all of you. Here are the names of my miscarried babies:
    Agnes Elizabeth, April 2004
    Julian Olivia, June 2005
    Max Kolbe, April 2006
    Catherine Teresa, December 2006
    John Victor, January 2013
    Francis Cuthbert, March 2014.

    Thank you.

  6. Matthew John Boudreaux November 17, 2010
    Baby Boudreaux June 2011

    God bless you all! I pray all of our sweet babies are playing together in the arms of our sweet savior Jesus Christ!!!

  7. Just seeing these many, many lost children is heartrending. I pray for all of you, that you may have peace in your loss and hope of reunion one day in heaven. God bless you.

  8. Joseph Cook, March 1995. Mary Cook, June 1995. Agatha Cook February 2001. Elizabeth Cook, July 2002. John Cook, December 2009. Matthias Cook, February 2014. Anthony Cook, June 2014. Monica Cook, August 2014. Margaret Cook, June 2015.

  9. Riley 11/2004; Jamie 12/2010; Andy 03/2011; Nat 12/2012; Sam 08/2013; Rafa 06/2014; Danny 09/2014; Charlie 12/2014

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