Luminous Mysteries—Everyday Style

The Luminous Mysteries haven’t been around long, but they affect us profoundly, because we are made aware of Christ’s divinity—that part of Him that is so special and so attractive to us, the part that makes Him God.  We identify with Christ at the same time; what Catholic hasn’t experienced these events that reflect the Sacraments of the Church?  The Luminous Mysteries make us contemplate how we fit into His story.

The first Luminous Mystery: THE BAPTISM OF OUR LORD

Understanding that Jesus humbled himself to become human, His Baptism lends validity to that humility.  We bring our beautiful babies, the gifts that God has given us, to be baptized, just as Christ was.  My favorite Bible verse is from the Gospel of Matthew: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased”.  (I say this to my own children a lot.)  Through Christ’s Baptism, God is telling us to do as His son says, and we imitate His baptism in an effort to get closer to God, so that He may be “well pleased” with us.  He loves us and He wants what is best for us; that is why He sent His son and that is why we imitate and embrace Him, to insure our place of love with Him.

The second Luminous Mystery: THE WEDDING AT CANA

I have written about this before.  There is a really interesting dynamic going on here.  Jesus is so human here.  As mothers, we know what our children are capable of, and as children, we are assured of our own mother’s belief in and support of us.  Jesus’ mother gives Him a nudge because she believes in Him.  We need to nudge our kids when we believe in them and support them.  We know our children best, just as Mary knew her son the best.  Of course, Jesus is obedient to her as well.  Remind your own children of this.

Secondly, this confirms our Catholic belief that the Blessed Mother intercedes for us and Christ is willing to do what she asks on our behalf.  What reassurance we receive from her.  Here is a specific circumstance that Christ is compliant to that which His mother asks of Him.  We have an amazing advocate for us in the Blessed Mother.

The third Luminous Mystery: THE PROCLAMATION OF THE KINGDOM 

WOW!  This was Jesus’ gutsiest move. John the Baptist had been arrested and fear was in the air.  This is Jesus Christ the Superhero!  When am I guilty of shying away from proclaiming Truth because I am afraid?  Jesus lays it all out there without fear.  I believe to be a follower of Christ, one will be tested, ridiculed and patronized and even persecuted.  I feel if I really know who Jesus is and what His purpose on Earth was for, I too must proclaim His kingdom.

The fourth Luminous Mystery: THE TRANSFIGURATION

I always ponder what was God’s purpose in the Transfiguration?  It was not public, only a couple of Apostles witness this event.  What point is He making?  It is an important enough event to be included in the divinely inspired Scriptures, but very few are witness to it.  The point is: it happened.  No fanfare or publicity; it simply happened.  When we really feel Christ and no one else understands, we know it happens anyway.  When I doubt that Christ is working in me, because it is not overt and it is not conspicuous, I remember that maybe I am the only one that knows and understands His greatness because of the power He has shown me, and that is okay.


This is the greatest gift God has given us.  He is truly timeless in this way, because He gives himself over and over and over again to us.  When I think about the Eucharist I always think about St. John Chrysostom who says that if the angels could envy, it would only be because we are able to receive the Eucharist.  St. John Chrysostom was a Doctor of the Church and he explains just how crucial the gift of Christ’s Body and Blood are to us.  Do we take it for granted and receive it as we are preoccupied? Do we pass up an opportunity for Mass because we are too busy?  I am guilty of these and I must ask pardon, because in my daily wanderings, I neglect to remember how important the Eucharist is.  Tears poured down my face when my sons received their First Communion, and I realize I should be just as affected EVERY single time I receive too.  When I pray the last Luminous Mystery, I feel privileged and honored that Christ has given me Himself and that our Faith allows us to experience Him time and time again.

The Mysteries of Light are the perfect way to get in touch with Christ’s divinity and his humanity.  Sometimes we focus on either one or the other, forgetting how perfectly made Jesus was made.  These mysteries give me hope and empowerment, empowerment through the Blessed Mother’s intercession and power through Christ’s time on Earth and what it should mean to us if we are true followers.

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