Liturgical Seasons Wheel DIY


Many years ago when my older kids first started with their CCD classes, I made a Liturgical year wheel out of poster board and cut up pictures from a copy of Magnificat for Kids. It was a great little project. As the years went by, our Liturgical wheel made it into a frame to keep it nice. When we moved cross-country it was one of many faith based items that I passed on to a dear friend to keep. I knew I could make another, or find an alternative to what I had used all those years.

IMG_3607What I loved about having a Liturgical Wheel was that it helped the kids to see what season we were in the Church year. Small things, you know. I wanted them to be able to go to Mass with a sense of understanding of what color they would see the priests vestments and why they were that color. I wanted the kids to have a deeper understanding of what they were experiencing visually. Simple things!


With my younger boy starting preparations for his First Communion I’m finding myself back at that spot of wanting to bring more hands on experiences into his faith formation. I’ve started to collect and assemble a Mass Kit for him to explore, but I had forgotten about the Liturgical Wheel until fairly recently. This time I decided to go a little bit of a different direction with it, so that it is more child-friendly. (So in essence, indestructible!)

I hope you enjoy this video that shows the process of how I made this new Wheel! It was pretty simple, and didn’t require too much effort. What I love about this project is that it is one of those items that can be prominently displayed in your home, but is also child-friendly for curious little fingers. And it will last through many years!

Additional instructions that were not in the video:

The Micron Marker was used to fill in the stamped letters to make them more pronounced. It’s optional, but makes the lettering easier to read.

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