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Podcasting has been around for 15 years and I have just recently discovered some of the rich Catholic content the platform has to offer.  Better late to the party than never, right? I’ve added a half dozen or so Podcasts to my personal library which I listen to during the many hours of driving I do as a busy mom, while working in my garden, or during exercise.  Listening to Catholic Podcasts has enriched my spiritual life, expanded my understanding of Catholic philosophy and theology, and strengthened my own faith. 

Drawing on my own experiences with Podcasts I enjoy and crowd sourcing what other folks would recommend, we’ve compiled a list of Catholic Podcasts worthy of listening to. An asterisk denotes Podcasts I listen to regularly.


*Abiding Together was my first foray into Podcast listening.  Heather Khym, Michelle Benzinger, and Sister Miriam are the hosts and their rapport with each other is absolutely captivating. They cover a range of topics, including book studies, and have a fairly large following and community on Facebook and Instagram. I have to be careful listening while working out, because their deep insight and emotional rawness will often bring me to tears. I look forward to listening every Monday when they release their newest edition.

*Thriving in the Trenches is hosted by Becky Carter and I find something so relatable about her and the subjects she tackles. Often featuring guests on her show, Becky does a wonderful job of drawing out wonderful tidbits of wisdom for Catholic women during her interviews.

Danielle Bean was one of the very first Catholic bloggers I followed back in the day. I always appreciated her real and down to earth personality as a writer. She now hosts the popular Podcast  *Girlfriends on which she offers great, practical advice on how to draw closer to Christ everyday as a Catholic wife and mother.

Cameron Fradd began her Podcast *Among the Lilies in an effort to “be real”. She tackles tough topics such as infertility, miscarriage, abortion, and divorce from the Catholic perspective. (If mild profanity is offensive to you, I would recommend you avoid the episode in which Cameron and her husband, Matt, discuss their recent trip to Australia and New Zealand. Just a heads up.)

Nancy Bandzuch hosts two Podcasts. One for the ladies,* Just One Small Thing, which features guests who offer the “one small thing” which has most impacted their life as a women of faith. (Just One Small Thing will be on a bit of a hiatus in June/July as the Bandzuch family relocates, but this would be a great opportunity to peruse and listen to past Podcasts). Nancy’s second offering is for the kids. Catholic Sprouts, is a Podcast for kids which aims to plant a seed of faith each day using short lessons lasting between 5-10 minutes.

Leah Darrow’s Podcast *Do Something Beautiful, features interviews with guests making a positive and beautiful difference in the world and in the Faith.

The Guys

*Taylor Marshall is a noted convert from the Episcopal church and Catholic philosopher. He founded and operates The Saint Thomas Institute; has written several best selling books; and also hosts a Youtube show with philosopher and author Timothy Gordon. His Podcasts cover a wide range of topics and current issues within the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Talk Show is hosted by Ryan Dellacrosse, Ryan Scheel (founder of uCatholic), and Father Rich Pagano. The three guys discuss various topics using humor, solid catechesis, and apologetics.

Former host of Catholic Answers Live, *Patrick Coffin, hosts a weekly podcast which features interviews with various guests actively engaged in the culture wars between secular influences and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Pints with Aquinas was recommended to me by a former student. “A variety of topics are covered from the perspective of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa in an interesting and easy to understand way without watering down content too much.” I’ll be adding this one to my library for certain. In my research for this post I discovered the host of Pints with Aquinas, Matt Fradd, is also the husband of Cameron Fraud of Among the Lilies (see above).

Liturgical Living

*How-to Catholic, hosted by husband and wife team, Kevin and Lisa Cotter, is full of everyday advice for living out the faith. I especially enjoy their liturgical rundown of feast days and traditions at the beginning of each month.

Pray as You Go is a daily prayer session comprised of music, scripture, and questions for deeper reflection with the purpose of helping Catholics deepen their prayer lives and grow closer to God though prayer.

Clergy and Religious

*Padre Peregrino is Father Dave Nix’s Podcast. Currently living as a priest/hermit in Colorado, Father Nix has a bi-weekly Podcast exploring current events, co-hosted with two of his friends, entitled Rome Cast as well as a nearly weekly Podcast featuring an interview with various guests entitled Glad Trad. His recent two part interview with Michael Voris of The Vortex and Church Militant was absolutely fascinating.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard of Father Mike Schmitz, and/or seen his self titled videos shared profusely on Facebook from Ascension Press. His videos can also be listened to as a Podcast at Father Mike Schmitz.

Bishop Daly is the bishop of my hometown diocese of Spokane, Washington. He joins three of his parochial vicars in hosting a regular Podcast entitled *The Bishop and the Vicars during which they discuss “the faith and life in the spirit of joy and humor.” 

Inspired by the secular Podcast, Stuff You Should Know, Fathers Nathan Goebel, John Nepil, Michael O’Loughlin and Mike Rapp created Catholic Stuff You Should Know. A weekly Podcast of what they call, “lighthearted explorations into various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.”

Another crowd source recommend, Christ is the Answer is hosted by Father John Riccardo. My source gushed, “Love, love, love his solid, down-to-earth Podcast that endlessly feeds me with new information and insight.”


*Father Erik Richtsteig is our own parish priest. He has a no-nonsense style and sticks to a pretty strict time limit of not longer than 12 minute per homily. His teaching is rock-solid and he is unafraid of preaching hard truths.

Rector of the Basilica in Baltimore, Father James Boric‘s homilies were recommended to me by a dear friend. 

*Father James Hollowell’s homilies are inspiring, encouraging, and very much worth listening to.


Are you a Podcast listener? If you have recommendations for worthy listening we’d love if you’d share them with us in the combox.

(Be aware many of the Podcasts listed take a hiatus during the summer, but you can usually access all the past content on their particular sites)


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