Lady Ribbon

Tell me more about Lady Ribbon!

Have you been wondering who Lady Ribbon is and why she is at the bottom of some posts?


Lady Ribbon is the pro-life ribbon that was inspired by a collaborative effort of not just the Ink Slingers, but friends of the blog, who helped with the graphic design and the suggestion of using real footprints vs. a vector graphic. That collaboration, combined with Erika V finding a personal connection to the idea of the ribbon led to the very first Catholic pro-life ribbon. Erika has inspired us all with her amazing story. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 20 weeks pregnant and instead of listening to a doctor’s suggestion to abort her daughter, she fought for answers and treatment that would save them both. You can read more about her journey here on her blog, Erika’s Miracle Journey. This ribbon has been used to mark posts that include content pertaining to cancer and respect life issues.

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