Joyful Anticipation: A Prayer to Prepare our Hearts

longingThroughout Advent we have shared ideas on how to make the Advent season more holy and more memorable for your family. As we near the nativity of our Savior, it seems fitting to share a prayer to help center us in this last week before Christ is born. With joyful anticipation and a heart that longs for Christ, I hope you will pray with me…

Come, long-expected Jesus. Excite in me a wonder at the wisdom and power of Your Father and ours. Receive my prayer as part of my service of the Lord who enlists me in God’s own work for justice.

Come, long-expected Jesus. Excite in me a hunger for peace: peace in the world, peace in my home, peace in myself.

Come, long-expected Jesus. Excite in me a joy responsive to the Father’s joy. I seek His will so I can serve with gladness, singing and love.

Come, long-expected Jesus. Excite in me the joy and love and peace it is right to bring to the manger of my Lord. Raise in me, too, sober reverence for the God who acted there, hearty gratitude for the life begun there, and spirited resolution to serve the Father and Son.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, whose advent I hail. Amen.


If you would like more Advent prayers, Catholic Online has a lovely selection for you to choose from (and it’s where I found this prayer!)

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