Immaculate Heart of Mary Tutorial


The excitement over the tutorial for the Sacred Heart painting encouraged me to make one for the Immaculate Heart as well. I’m really excited to be able to share this with you, and encourage you to paint both and display them in a place of honor in your home. I’m sure Our Lord and Blessed Mother are both very pleased to have their precious hearts displayed where they can be acknowledged by our families and friends.

The video will show you exactly how I painted it. (Forgive the imperfections of my video! I’m not a professional!) If you haven’t yet painted the Sacred Heart, the video may be a good starting point, as you start both pieces with the same basic instructions. The most difficult part of painting the Immaculate Heart will be the roses. But as I say in the video, we’re aiming for the impression and not perfection. There are also some great tutorials out there for painting flowers too, if that is something that you think you’d like some more in-depth instruction on.

What follows is a list of the materials. I use what materials I have on hand for most of my art pieces, so don’t feel that you need to go out and buy anything high-end or special to accomplish something pretty.

Materials List

Canvas (whatever size you’d like, I did the larger canvas this time for the video)

Paint brushes, a 3/8 flat tip, #2 round, and a #10 flat

Acrylic paints: Red, Gold, 2 shades of Pink, black, Pink, White, Yellow, Black, Gunmetal, 2 shades of green

water and paper towels

I hope you enjoy the video and process if you choose to paint your own!


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