Homeschool Review: {Grade 1}

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PRODUCT’s 1st Grade Program


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OVERVIEW is at the forefront of providing online religious education to Catholics around the world. Created in 2004, its Episcopal Advisor is Bishop Robert Vasa, and has a stellar list of endorsements, including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Archbishop Chaput, Raymond Cardinal Burke, Scott Hahn, and Jason Evert, among others. It is a rock solid program that is true to the Faith. They offer courses ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as adult education classes, sacrament prep, RCIA, and various other Catholic education resources. Each course contains multiple lessons with catechism questions, a quiz at the end of each lesson, a link to the saint of the day, and much more.


$24.99 for the complete 1st grade course

$1.99 for each individual lesson


  • 26 lessons, including the Creed and the 10 Commandments (in the First Grade Program)
  • online quizzes covering each lesson
  • common Catholic vocabulary included in each lesson
  • link to Saint of the Day in each lesson (updated in real time, so you aren’t required to follow a specific calendar schedule with the program)

REASON FOR PRODUCT fills a void for religion classes that are available anywhere, anytime, for all ages. The courses can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Because each course is comprehensive and all-in-one, homeschooling parents are relieved the burden of lesson planning and putting together a grade-appropriate curriculum – they simply read through a lesson a week on, have their child take the quizzes, and discuss the material with them. 


  • Supported and endorsed by many U.S. Bishops, Faith Formation Directors, Diocesan DREs, theologians, and has received the support of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.
  • All staff sign an Oath of Fidelity pledging their allegiance to the Church and Her teachings.


  • rock solid formation
  • no need to plan or use outside resources – each lesson is comprehensive
  • budget friendly


  • online format only (this isn’t necessarily bad, but would not be preferable for people who want to use physical books)


  • “The First Grade Program is beautifully done. The delightful artwork, the simple explanations that a child of age 6 or 7 can easily understand, the link to the daily saint to tie it in to the liturgical year – I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for an online religion course that will inspire truth and beauty in their children.” – Colleen
  • share your experience in the comments


Intended for: homeschooling families, public school families who want to use in place of CCD/parish RE, parish religious education programs looking for something new
Good for grades: all
Parent/teacher involvement level: low to moderate
Prep time: almost none
Teacher’s manual: none needed
Educational philosophy: scholastic model
Catholic: yes





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