Holy Week: Helping Our Children Walk with Jesus

Holy Week is around the corner. Do you feel like your children are ready for Holy Week? Are they ready to walk with Jesus? A couple of years ago, I had been stirring because I felt like my children were not really ready for Holy Week and the Crucifixion and, of course, Easter! Yes, we’ve been doing things all during Lent but I felt like now, they needed something more. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and the Holy Spirit gave me an idea! I say He gave me the idea because it was so perfect and brilliant that it could only be from God. So the next day, I put this together for our classroom! I am so proud of our children because they were so into our lesson as we talked about the days of the week and our Holy Week Journey to Easter Sunday! I really enjoyed making this and also loved its simplicity! What I wanted to accomplish with this was a visual of what Jesus, our Lord, went through during Holy Week. I wanted to help them walk with Jesus.
3 pages of white cardstock
three laminating sheets (not needed but if you want them to last for years to come)
large butcher paper for the path (mine was about two feet by four feet approximately)
ink for the printer
  1. Print all of these out on card stock. {this will get you to the link} If you don’t have cardstock, hen I would recommend that you laminate, I would recommend you do that so that you can save it to use in the future.
  2. Create a path, road, or something to that effect on a large paper to post in the room. Another option is to print these small and to make a file folder out of them and have each child make their own to take home {more for CCD or school settings}
  3. Glue/tape the days of the week down first at the top of your path/road.
  4. As each day passes, read the Readings for that day and talk about these stories by using the events cards.
  5. I placed stations at the bottom. You can purchase these here:http://www.catholicartworks.com/
  6. The little children walking the path are from http://www.thatresourcesite.com/
The road has the days of the Holy Week on top, and the events at the bottom of the road…leading from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection.
At the bottom of this I moved our Stations of the Cross {I bought those here}
I took this opportunity to review the days of the weeks with the smaller children:


Here are two other looks from different angles:


Then we used our little children Let’s Climb Closer to Heaven {from our school room door} found at That Resource Site to walk the road through Holy Week:


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