GIVEAWAY: A Catholic Jesse Tree Ornament Set!

GIVEAWAY: A Catholic Jesse Tree Ornament Set!

It’s Advent 2016!  Happy New Liturgical Year, Sistas!  Advent is my *favorite* time of year and we are still adding to our Advent traditions that we do together at home.  You can see my own home tour post from last year here. And don’t feel bad if your home doesn’t look like my does in that post just yet.  We just returned from an out of town trip over Thanksgiving and I still have several things to finish getting out.

Our long standing tradition that we have been doing for years is the Jesse Tree, and it is hands down everyone’s favorite!  This fall I participated in a SWAP where a group of Catholic women exchanged a set of rustic log ornaments through the mail.  This set of ornaments is great because it is Catholic and it corresponds with the Holy Hero Jesse Tree DVD.  I painted an extra set with you all in mind and am so excited to giveaway these gorgeous ornaments to one of you!

GIVEAWAY: A Catholic Jesse Tree Ornament Set!

This set of Catholic Jesse tree ornaments has been lovingly painted and prayed over by women all over the United States of America.  The winner will receive a full set of the 34 ornaments shipped to their home.  (USA addresses only please.)  Please comment below with why you or your family would benefit from this set and I will pick a winner Thursday, December 1st at 12PM CST! 

But wait, I also need your help!  In the upcoming weeks I would like to put together a Home Tour post with all of your beautiful Advent displays.  Would you please take a second to send me some photos of your home and/or your family this Advent season?  I’m looking for any way that you celebrate- decorations, displays, traditions, etc.  Use the hashtag #CSAdventDecor on Instagram or email your photos to: hello (at) janalinhood (dot) com


UPDATE:  Mary Jones is the winner of the Jesse Tree ornaments!  Mary, please email me your mailing address to hello (at) janalinhood (dot) com!



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  1. I had no idea what a Jesse tree was until last year. It was not something we did in my home growing up. But in 2015 my son’s faith formation class sent home paper ornaments for us to color and cut out, and readings about the Jesse tree and I was brought to tears reading through them for advent together. It is so beautiful. Our ornaments ripped a bit and some were destroyed by the toddler, but they served their purpose for the year. I had hoped to create some more permanent ones before advent this year, but here it is on day three and I just never got to it. I’d love to make this a tradition in our home and these are just beautiful.

  2. I have 2 young kids and we are looking to start a Jesse Tree tradition. These beautiful ornaments would be a great start!

  3. I would love to start a new tradition with my family and focus on Jesus instead of all the presents.

  4. We have never done the Jesse Tree, but are looking for ways to focus our hearts on Christ this Christmas. Thanks for sharing about the Jesse Tree.

  5. Our family would LOVE winning this set of ornaments! We are a young family with two children, ages 3 and 1, so far and have started really focusing on living and celebrating with the liter focal year! It’s been a fun year so far after God inspired this for us and we have all enjoyed and benefited from it greatly. We wanted so bad to do a Jesse Tree this year and read all the Bible stories leading up to Jesus for our oldest to learn but when Adventgot here, it seemed like too much work to add into this year so we stuck with just doing our Advent wreath in hopes to add the Jesse Tree in next year. This set would be a blessing to our family and help us keep delving deeper in our faith life with our kids!!! We would be grateful winners!

  6. My family would greatly appreciate this ornaments. We are a new family. Got married 2015, had a baby Augusy 2016. We are starting to figure out traditions and ways of living the liturgical year.

    Thank you!

  7. My family and I would love to add to our Advent traditions with a new Jesse Tree. We’ve done paper ornaments in the past, but with 8 kids that doesn’t seem to last very long (especially when the babies seems to carry them off).

  8. I long to bring our family, especially our children, closer to God and build their understanding of Christmas as a complete and total gift from God. This gift would help cement that understanding. Thank you?

  9. This would be great for my parents. My parents are older and have had serious health issues. Yet they have been there for each of their children and grandchildren when we have needed them. They brought the Catholic way of life into our lives and this would be an outward show of our religion to them.

  10. The Jesse Tree was not a part of my childhood traditions but I would love to make this an Advent tradition for my 4 boys (ages 19 months to 10 years). Such a beautiful set would provide inspiration to follow through all season long. Thank you for the opportunity to enter for a chance to win.

  11. We’ve never done a Jesse Tree before. I’m a life long Catholic, my husband is new to the faith. This would be a fund way for him to learn more about the season with our children.

  12. I have been wanting to create a Jesse Tree for years, but have five kids in eight years made it really hard to be consistent and get it done. Now that our kids are a little bit older (ages 3-11), I think we might finally be able to do it! Thanks for sharing!

  13. The Jesse Tree has been a favorite of ours during the “waiting” season of Advent. It is a beautiful way to deepen the knowledge and understanding of our Catholic Faith and History and to teach it to others, especially younger ones, who not only hear it, but also visualize and touch it, which makes it ever so real to them.

  14. I would love for my family to add to our season of advent with this set of Jesse tree ornaments.

  15. This set of Jesse Tree ornaments would be a special addition to my family’s advent traditions, a set that we’d treasure and use for years to come. Plus, I’d no longer have to scramble after Thanksgiving to print out and color a paper version!

  16. I’m a convert to Catholicism and I had never even heard of a Jesse tree until a couple of years after converted – thanks be to God for Catholic Mom blogs! We just adopted a boy and I want to give him all the traditions that I never grew up with – it’s hard coming to faith when you’re in your thirties – so I want to give him the greatest gift of all, a deep and unshakeable knowledge that there is a God, and that He loves my son more than we ever could. The Jesse tree would be a wonderful chance to gently teach him this idea; how where we came from on this earthly world doesn’t ultimately matter so much as the fact that we are all descended from our Heavenly Father.

  17. I am an adult convert to Catholic faith as well. I would actually like to use the ornaments for a small tree in my Kindergarten CCD class to introduce this idea to the children and have them share it with their parents.

  18. These ornaments are beautiful! Winning a set would make starting a Jesse Tree tradition a little easier for my family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. These look beautiful! This is not a tradition I had growing up, but one I would love to start with my son (and our baby on the way)! I had big plans to make my own ornaments this year, but ended up not having time to do it. Thanks!

  20. This would be a wonderful beautiful reminder for our family of the story of salvation history each Advent.

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