Do You Fit God In or Do You Have an Appointment?

An open schedule planner book and pen.Do you have a set prayer time each day? I’m thinking of individual time for you with God. Family prayer time (if you do that in your family) is great, but we all need to spend some quiet time with God one-on-one. Have you found that time for yourself and God in your daily life?

Maybe it’s first thing in the morning before the kids get out of bed. Maybe it’s in the evening after the kids are in bed. Maybe you offer little prayers or have brief moments to speak to God one-on-one at random moments throughout each day.

I’m curious to know what you do and why? Do you feel like prayer is a normal part of your day or are you just trying to fit it in? Prayer is an aspect of my faith life that I regularly struggle with. I’m guessing that I’m not alone.

I met someone once who talked about how she has an “appointment with God” each day. She would go to a local coffee shop each day with her Bible and spend an hour with Scripture and talking with God. Every day. I was so impressed with this commitment and have never forgotten how she talked about how much she looked forward to this time each day.

I know many women who rise early so they can spend time praying first thing in the morning. The stillness of the house while the children are asleep lends itself to a quiet way to begin the day with God by her side. I love the idea of this too, but I’m not a morning person, so I find it difficult to do myself.

I have tried different times of day for a regular daily prayer time with God. Evenings, my lunch break at work, even mornings. I always feel like I am trying to find a place to “fit prayer in.” I don’t like feeling like I’m only fitting God into my day. I want God to be a top priority in my everyday life.

So what has worked for you? How have you developed an appointment with God in your daily life?

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5 Replies to “Do You Fit God In or Do You Have an Appointment?”

  1. I like the private time with God. It’s a gift in the very hectic time in life right now; this is the most busy I’ve been in my entire life, with every minute accounted to a task. It won’t be that was for much longer, however, it was pushing God to the back seat, to morning offerings, evening kids’ prayers, and Sunday Mass.
    I choose to stop it but setting my cell alarm to go off at 12 Noon, 3pm, and 6pm, to remind myself it’s time to pray.
    It works well, as I’m aware of how much time has passed, and am able to take a break from work and rest with God. A few minutes of prayer really helps.

    Thanks, and God Bless,

  2. “Maybe you offer little prayers or have brief moments to speak to God one-on-one at random moments throughout each day” – this. I like to talk with God throughout the day, because I know He is always with me.

  3. Julie: I love the idea of setting an alarm for prayer each day. I may have to incorporate that myself. Thank you for commenting!

    Preston: He IS always with us, very true. I wish I was better at remembering that and just taking moments here and there to “chat” with God. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Thanks for commenting, Lynn. I have tried the Divine Office in the mornings and I love it when i do it. I’ve fallen off of it in the last week (vacation, being off my normal schedule). And I agree, work is a prayer, if we think of it that way. I tend not too, so I don’t handle it much like prayer. And yes, I know God appreciates our attempts and our fits and starts with prayer. Sounds like you found a great app to help you out with regular prayer time. One I had found and used for a while is called Honor Your Inner Monk. It doesn’t have alarms on it, but it does track your prayers over a month and lets you know how you did at the end of the month. I never did very well.

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